Tuesday, 25 June 2013


Alright guys, big news time!!

A group of us local gamers have decided to do a podcast.  We are also combing our blogs onto the KiwiHammer website. 

Now I could do a long blog post about what this all means, but Jeff over at Thelittlewaaghthatcould has done a very good one.  So because I am lazy, I will just copy and paste it here.

Today I'm glad to announce a new project that's been in the works for a few weeks now and I feel is well overdue for the NZ Warhammer community. In conjunction with James Brown (http://nzhammered.blogspot.co.nz/), Sam Campbell ( http://napalmelfrebelscum.blogspot.co.nz/ ), Locky Reid and Sam Whitt (http://hashutsrighthand.blogspot.co.nz/) I am pleased to announce that we are launching a NZ Warhammer Fantasy Battles Podcast titled: Kiwi Hammer.

The five of us have been hard at work the last few weeks preparing our website, figuring out a format for the show, learning a bit about sound editing and recording a test episode. At this stage we'll be recording our first full length formatted episode on the 2nd of July and releasing it shortly after.

All five of us love the hobby and the tournament scene and it is our aim to generate content both on our new website and podcast which incorporates the community here in NZ and all it has to offer; from the   filth mongering Skaven players to the Hobby Heroes with two giants, we want to include you and the things you love about our hobby. We want your feedback and your involvement. We're all busy guys so our content is going to be a bit rough around the edges initially but we'll strive to improve with your help.

As such I invite all of you to head over to:

to check out our new site and give us a yell for any ideas you have about what you want to hear on the podcast. We've got Episode 0 (our test format) up if you'd like to check it out.

The other major aspect of the site is that it will also function as a new blog for James Brown, Sam Whitt, Locky Reid and myself. This means that we will be wrapping up our current blogs, migrating some of our existing content (such as my Battle Reports) to the new blog and all blogging on the Kiwi Hammer website. This will allow us to collect a large amount of content in one place and provide nearly daily updates. We feel that this will better serve the community than our current 3 blogs.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from yall on the new site.

So thats whats happening! I am really looking forward to doing this, so any support and feedback is much appreciated.

So I will be doing all my blogging over at Kiwihammer now, so head on over!

Thanks guys.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Gorebeast Chariots Finished

Hi Guys

Sorry for the lack of updates.  These chariots are pretty much finished, just need to finish the long black mouth thingy and put some grass tufts on the bases,

Cheers.  Horned Gobbo is coming up next week and am really looking forward to it.  Once the list deadline has passed (15th) I will post my list and thoughts.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hi Guys

Just thought I would post some stuff on my fledgling Slaaneshii incursion.  All the models bar the hounds are primed and ready to be painted.  I have finished all of the basing work, just adding the tufts when the models are glued on.

I am not very good at taking photos, but I have posted some below for critique.

Slaanesh Skullcrusher

Slaanesh Skullcrusher

Slaaneshii warrior.  Still some metal work on the halberd to be done.

Colour scheme for my Steeds of Slaanesh.

 Painting up 2 gore beast chariot conversions at the moment, so will post some updates shortly.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hobby and Tournament updates

Hi guys, long time no see!!

So as most of you know, Runefang Vl was run a couple of weeks ago.  A big thanks to the two Peters - Williamson and Dunn - for umpiring the event and the supply of tables and terrain.
I took my Chaos Dwarfs for a long overdue run and they preformed quite well.

This was my list:

Sorceror Prophet - Level 4 Hashut - Charmed Shield - Preservation - Arabyan Carpet

Hobgoblin Khan - Wolf - Spear - Dragonbane Gem
Infernal Castellan BSB - Shield - Dragonhelm - Opal Amulet
Bull Centaur Taur'ruk - Enchanted Shield - Dawnstone - Sword of Might

29 Infernal Guard - FC - Swiftness
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso

5 Bull Centaurs - FC - Great Weapons - Shields
Magma Cannon

Kdaaii Destroyer

The carpet on the lvl4 was pretty good.  You get the LOS from the warmachines, and along with the 4++ he only died once.  To be honest, he just sat with the warmachines most games, but the carpet was his insurance to get out of dodge.
The Tauruk was fuckin ace all weekend, and will probably run 2 next time.  This was my third tournament in a row without a dispel scroll, and I didn't miss it.  I think I will continue this trend.
The Kdaii never died which was cool.  He did fail some Toughness tests that brought him down to 1 wound though!!  Deathshriekers and Magma cannons are absolutely brutal....I love them!

Ok so I played 5 really good people and had 5 really good games.  Thanks to Fern, Pete, Brendon, Mike and Sam.

The armies I faced were Orcs, Skaven, Beasts, Lizards and Daemons.  To be honest, going into the tournament I knew my list had a massive weakness against Skaven, and it Showed.

The game against Pete was my only loss (20nil!)  and I won all my other games at least gaining 14 tournament points from each game which netted me 2nd place.  I was happy with this result, especially after gaining nothing game 2.

Some highlights of my games:
  • Killing Mike Kings Slaan turn 1 with a Flames of Azgorgh
  • Getting my Bull Centaurs run down by Skaven slaves in the flank.
  • Petes Doomrocket misfiring, and his Abomb rolling triples 2 turns in a row.
  • Killing about 15 Beastmen a turn with my Magma cannon.
  • Charging a Tuskgor Chariot with my Prophet and killing it.
  • Killing 22 Plague bearers in one casting of Flames of Azgorgh
  • A Great Unclean One sucking himself off.
  • My Prophet dodging 2 Dimensional Cascades against Mike King
  • Plague bearers rolling double 1's for a break test and not popping, but getting about 10 guys back.
  • My Kdaii not dying.
  • Mike failing the most 3d6 ld tests I have ever seen
  • Sitting the Kdaii on a Mangler and taking no damage.
I am sure there are more, but it was a while ago.

So I have been busy converting up my Slaanesh WOC.  I will be assembling the whole army before I start to paint.  Here are some WiP pics.

Basing scheme

Daemonic Mount

Slaanesh Skullcrusher

Slaanesh Warrior


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The "real" top 5 lists for Runefang

Hello again

So these will be my predictions for Runefang VI.  Like Pete has said, they are based on list design, player talent and the kind of armies present at Runefang.

#5 - Will Hoverd, Joel van der Ven-long, Sam Campbell, Mike King

Ok so a massive cop out here.  I couldnt split these guys to be honest.  If any of them want to be higher on my list, and I know they all read my blog, I do accept bribes of Russian virgins, and Sweet and Sour Pork on rice.  They are all strong players with really solid armies, competition will be tight.

#4 - Simon Switzer

Yes, thats right folks, Mr "I want bear cav waa waa waa" Switzer is my #4 pick.  If he can avoid any massive mistakes and not get mind fucked (again) by Mal first round, I can see his cannons and Organ guns seriously ruining some hobby.  He is  really starting to improve his game, and will be a contender.....God now we will never shut him up.

#3 - Jeff Kent

Jeff has brought THE most annoying army list in Warhammer. Clouds of fucking skinks backed up by solid blocks of Saurus.....oh no wait, sorry got that wrong.  Jeff had a unit of Saurus at Natcon, but obviously the weird sized bases and non ability to shoot seriously hindered his gameplay.  Jeff is a real solid player, and with this army will be real strong.

#2 - Pete Dunn

So considering Pete might be too humble to pick himself, I will pick him.  Nasty as fuck army with the "Oh, I am in trouble here, turn around so you cant hurt me haha" Bell list, he was hard to go past. But I did. If I play you Pete, can you please explode the Bell, cheers.

#1 - Ryan Lister

Really like this list.  I know that it is the usual Black Knight bus list with super choppy Vamp lord, but I think it is time it has won a tournament.  The three units of Vargheists really help the list function, although the new FAQ hinders this slightly.  It will be super tight at the top, but I think it will pip Pete to the post.

As for me, probably mid table.  I would be really happy with top 5.  Haven't used the CD's in ages, so will be rusty.  Although, if all else fails I can cheat my way through as some people might not know the CD rules!

See y'all on the weekend.

Monday, 22 April 2013

WOC army ideas take II


So while I await the arrival of my army from the northern wastes, I have been running possible army lists through my head and Quartermaster.

I am definitely running a Daemon Prince, but am a little bit sketchy on making it my Lvl4 wiz as well.  I really dont want that many points sucking its self off down a hole!  So I decided to see if I could get a Sorcerer lord and a DP in my list, and this is what I came up with.

Sorcerer Lord lvl 3 Slaanesh Lore
Chaos familiar

Daemon Prince
Chaos armour
Dragon bane Gem
Charmed Shield
Soul Feeder
Scaled Skin
Sword of Striking

Tzeentch Exalted BSB
Daemonic Mount
Third eye
Enchanted Shield

5 Vanguarding dogs
5 Vanguarding dogs
5 Vanguarding dogs

21 Slaaneshi Warriors

Slaanesh Chariot

Slannesh Gorebeast Chariot
Slannesh Gorebeast Chariot

6 Hellstriders
Muso - Std

Warshrine Slaanesh

4 Skullcrushers
Ensorcelled weapons

The only thing i would like is flight on the DP, but there is no points left.  I also have no scroll.  My last 3 tournament lists have had no scroll, and I will continue this trait.

Laters dudettes.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Army list for Runefang

Hey Hey Hey

So here is my list for Runefang.  I have had one practice game with the list, and got thoroughly curb stomped by Sam and his Nurgle Daemons, so not a good start.  I will try to get a couple more in before the tournament.

I also havent run Chaos Dwarfs at a tournament for a while, so will be interesting to see how they go.

Sorceror Prophet - Level 4 Hashut - Charmed Shield - Preservation - Arabyan Carpet

Hobgoblin Khan - Wolf - Spear - Dragonbane Gem
Infernal Castellan BSB - Shield - Dragonhelm - Opal Amulet
Bull Centaur Taur'ruk - Enchanted Shield - Dawnstone - Sword of Might

29 Infernal Guard - FC - Swiftness
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso

5 Bull Centaurs - FC - Great Weapons - Shields
Magma Cannon

Kdaaii Destroyer

So first off, flying level 4 general. A lot of the Hashut spells are shorter range, so with the carpet I can get in range easier.  Can perform the role of the Taurus without buying the Taurus...I think.

Also for the third tournament in row, I have taken no Dispel Scroll.  To be honest, out of 14 games, probably missed it once, so not that bad......I think.

Notice also the movement 4 Dwarfs! 

When we recieve the lists, I will do my picks.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WOC army list.

Hey guys

Its like the calm before the storm for me at the moment.  After selling my Orcs and Goblins to a good home, you will be missed my big hulking albinos, I am awaiting on the arrival of all my pieces for my Warriors army.

Every model in the army will be converted, and all will be Slaanesh themed.  The army list side of things will be a mix of marks. 

This will be my Daemon Prince. Wings will be added.

My BSB. Might do a head and shield swap.
The basic warriors will be Phoenix Guard mixed with Hellstrider pieces.  Gorebeast chariots will be pulled by the Dark Eldar Parasite engines, suitably converted up.  My Skullcrushers will be Dragon Princes converted with Hellstriders and other stuff.

This is the list I am aiming towards.

Slaaneshii Daemon Prince - Lvl 4 Slaanesh - Chaos Armour - Fly - Scaled Skin - Soulfeeder - Allure of Slaanesh - Sword of Striking - Dragonbane gem - Charmed Shield

Tzeentch BSB - GW - Daemonic Mount - Preservation - Third Eye - Shield

18 Slaaneshii Warriors - FC - Halberds - Shields - Swiftness
5 Vanguard Dogs
5 Vanguard Dogs
5 Vanguard Dogs
Slaaneshii Chariot

6 Hellstriders - Muso
Gorebeast Chariot - Slaanesh
Gorebeast Chariot - Slaanesh
6 Khorne Ogres - FC - Great Weapons

4 Skullcrushers - Std - Muso

So not the "net build" but things I want to try and see how they go.  The Khorne Ogres are the unit I can play around with and maybe drop.  No Chimeras though.

So after spending along time trying to convince Mr Wadsworth to add Chaos Knights to his list because they are awesome....I haven't taken any!  Mainly because of the modelling.  I am using Dragon Princes for Skull crushers, so don't really know what to make the knights out of.   I used to run 2 units of Knights in 7th and all through 8th and they were great.

Thoughts welcome guys.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hey hey hey..

So NATCON was run during the Easter break.  8 games over 3 days, total marathon hammer.  18 gamers showed up, and the mix was good with some experienced, and some not so experienced generals showing up to smash face with their basically uncomped armies.

I had 8 tough games against 8 great opponents. I ended up going 7-1 and taking out the tournament which I was thrilled about.  I had never won a two day event before let alone a three dayer!
Now in some circles I am known as having the "day two jitters", which I have proven correctly on a couple of occasions, so mI was determined not to do it here.  Simon and I grudged first round, so I knew the tournament was going to start with a fun game and a big win for me.....Just kidding mate, I was actually worried about the matchup!

I ended up playing Dwarfs, Lizards, Daemons, Lizards,VC, Lizards, Skaven and WoC in that order (I think)?  So pretty tough matchups, especially against Magic heavy lizards, and me having no wizards in the army!  Two of the Lizards were rockin metal, so very dangerous for the bus.  I had some good luck in games, and bad luck in others.  Against Simon I failed a 4" swiftstride charge to get my bus into Hammerers with hydra in the flank, with a juicy overrun into other block.  I had given the unit +1 attack from the Cauldron, so when they failed, they took an Organ gun to the face with no ward save...not pleasant.  Against the VC, bus took a charge from Vampire lords bus, I managed to kill 4 Black Knights, loosing only 1-2 of mine, and grinding them out over 2 rounds.  Helped by a flank charge from St7 Pendant lord.  Also in the last game against Woc, Stuart failed a 9 steadfast check with Nurgle warriors and lvl 4, allowing me to collect 900 odd points final turn.

People say you need a bit of luck to win a tournament, I guess their right!

My loss came against Jeff's Lizards game 1 day 2.  Meeting engagement, and over half my army started off the board... I played like a fucking chump this game, allowing my bus to get out of Cauldron range, thus no 2+ ward vs magic = dead bus.  After this game, I thought here we go again, day 2 and I fucked up. But I managed to pull it back, so I can hopefully now put the stigma behind me. :)

Thanks to Mike for running a very smooth tournament.

Mike has also given me the link to his Flickr account with over 200 really nice photos of the event.


Oh, and I also got my water bottle taken off me because I didn't buy the water from the canteen. Yeah. I don't mind supporting charity, but didn't my entrance fee go towards this?  Could rant some more, but cant be bothered.

Later Fuckers.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

NATCON Tomorrow + Predictions

Howdy Pardners

I am going to win the Internetz.

So Natcon is tomorrow and I am Amped!! Internet warriors hooooo!!!!!!!

My first three day event ever, so I am sure by day three I will be totally fucked, but all good.  I am also crashing with Mal at Locky's, so who knows what will go down.

There are definitely some "interesting" armies turning up, a few are strong, and some are "huh"?

Here is my list if anyone is interested:

Dreadlord with kit on Coldone - whip of agony - eternal servitude - Dgem - crown of command
Dreadlord with kit on Peg - Giant blade - Pendant

Hag on Cauldron
Master with kit on Coldone - 3x Null talismans - charmed Shield
Master with kit on Cold one - BSB - Hydra Banner

6 DR - crossbows - muso
6 DR - crossbows - muso
7 DR - crossbows - muso
20 Crossbows

9 Cold ones FC - Hag Graef - Ring of Hotek


The first round draw is up, and there are some interesting match ups.  I grudged Mr Switzer first round.  We have a great history of battles and I am sure the banter will be tossed around...(like a Dwarf).

I will give my totally misguided thoughts on the first round matchups, and see how close I get.

Joel McNelly vs Sam Campbell 

7th ed Daemons Vs new WOC.  I have not met Joel before, so please take this with a grain of salt.  But with two units of 40 Bloodletters with heralds, its not looking good.  This will come down to how well Sam uses his chaff, and how well Joel rolls for his impact hits.  Sam 12-8

Nicholas Jebsen vs Charlie Lloyd

Orcs vs Tomb Kings.  Normally the orcs should take all the TK toys off, but with the knights and stalkers tunneling, it could be interesting.  TK have a lot of archery to get rid of the manglers, and the casket to get rid of the gobbo warmachines. If Nicholas gets his Savages or chariots into any of Charlies stuff, bones will be shattered.  It will all depend on how Charlie rolls for his Entombed rolls.  But as an Orc general, I will give this to Nick 14 - 6.

Darren Smucar vs James Millington

So the Ogre brick in a sock vs James's mixed WOC list.  Darren "Mr rubber ruler" has been out of the tournament scene for a while, so will be interesting to see how he goes. He definately has the tools with two units of 7 Mournfang, thundertusk and a stonehorn.  James is an experienced Woc player, and has taken a real mixed arms list.  If he can get his Metal magic working for him, he should be fine.  Although if those mournfang get into anything, its bad news bears.  The Ogre list has a major weakness, but I won't be disclosing it here unless I have to play it.  I will predict a 10-10.

Mal Patel vs Fern Campbell

Skink cloud Lizo vs NG Hordes.  If this is Ferns first tournament, what a way to kick things off against the cold blooded cheeky darkie that is Mal.  It will be very interesting.  The biggest things will be LD 8 for the Gobbos, and the Dawn attack scenario.  With such low ld, and the possibility of her general being away from a lot of her army, I can see panic running rife.  I think it will be a harsh intro, I am picking a big win to Mal. 

Hamish Gordon vs Brendon Johnston

The Bell crutch vs Beastmen.  This should only end badly for the Beasts.  Although Brendons magic could go very well, and he could end up picking up a lot of points through Death Magic.  The hellpit will also want to stay away from the Bestigor....thats if there is any Bestigor left after the second Skaven turn. (tip, there shouldnt be).  To put pressure on Hamish, he should win very big here.

Stuart Robinson vs Bo Paterson

New Woc vs Party Light Slaan with big fuck off monster.  Stuart has a solid looking Woc list, with two big warrior blocks.  He is also running a lvl 4 Nurgle sorceror which is gold.  Bo's regular lizards have been joined by a big nasty Dread Saurian. Light buffed Saurus should be able to grind warriors, and with a big nasty monster, I will give this to Bo....Just.  11-9

Aaron Hodson vs Jeff Kent

A very solid Ogre list vs the most annoying list in Warhammer...more fuckin Skinks.  I think the Old ones have given up on trying to spawn Saurus, as you hardly ever see them in there proper role.   I think no Slaughtermaster could hurt Aaron against 2 Slaans, but with double fireball and 2 c***blasters, he could be ok. Death snipes will be really nasty though. It will be close again though, so 10-10, or an 11-9 to Jeff.

Neil Williamson vs Mark Skilton

So a no deployment Dwarf army vs VC with a bus and a Nightmare Collossus.  I have absolutely NO idea on how this game is going to go.  10-10 Sorry.

Simon Switzer vs Yours Truly

The gauntlet has been thrown and accepted, and it has been decided that we will meet again on the field of battle. So Simon " I will envelop you with my Dwarfs" Switzer is bringing his usual heavy artillery backed up by solid blocks.  I am bringing my DE. I have no magic in my list, so all the points Simon has invested in Magical protection is wasted, and it also means that it will be a quick game.  To put it bluntly, I am going to use Dwarf skins for the sails of my Corsair ships. Dwarf beards will be woven together and used for sacks to  fill with the excrement of my Hydras.  Dwarf flesh will be roasted and fed to my Cold Ones, and your Dwarven "women" will be sold to Goblins for Squig food.......
Ahem. In truth, Simon has come a long way since our first meeting, and will probably take all my toys off.

So these are my drug addled predictions, let me know what you guys think of them, and how many you think I have correct.

Later Fuckers.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Post Equinox

Hey Guys

So Equinox has been and gone.  I had 6 great games against 6 great opponents and won best sport.
Went 2-2-2 which is really disappointing.  My second worst ever tournament finish.  I came away a little despondent.  I think I played Ok.  A couple of failed re rollable LD 9 tests cost me big and turned 2 big wins into a loss and a draw.  Oh well, shit happens.

Warriors were strong as everyone thought.  Only played one, and was able to take the daemon prince out first turn, and then proceeded to get tabled....yup. Losing 16-4.  Treason of Tzeentch is a frickin awesome spell....Fear it.
Very well done to Russel though, you played really well and I played like a chump.

I need one of these.

Thanks sooo much to Rory for the accommodation and rides to and from the airport. You are a fucking champ mate, absolute legend of the Auckland scene.

To be honest, I was a little disappointed with the tournament as a whole.  4 games on one day was shit.  I think it cost me in the last game against Russel.  I understand that it was due to venue fuck ups and flight times, but it wasn't fun. I would rather play 5 games over two days, than 4 on a day to get 6 in.

This also made the rounds shorter, which puts pressure on everyone.  2 hours 15 for 2400pts I dont think is long enough.  And on day 2 the rounds felt even shorter, I think like 2 hours, which is just crazy.
A lot of the games on day 2 were only getting 3-4 turns in, which seriously hinders some armies and builds.

Packing up on the Saturday night after 4 games wasn't fun, but understand it had to be done.  Myself and Rory turned up a little early on the Sunday, and we had to literally set up the ENTIRE hall, with the help of the Northern boys and a couple of others.  Seriously, we had to set up all the tresses and boards plus terrain...for fantasy and 40k.  I don't mind helping out, I think everyone should chip in, but if we hadn't of been there early, I hate to think what time the day would have started.  Especially as I had flown up from out of town, I don't really expect to be the forman of setup!

 Another problem was the comp.  I don't really understand a couple of things.  Getting LOS's from the big spells is silly, it just promotes the Deathstar build. Unnecessary. But my biggest bugbear is using TLOS with infinitely high hills, I don't get it.  Warhammer is a game that is made for TLOS.  JUST BUILD TALLER HILLS AND GET RID OF THE RULE!! Seriously, look at the GW terrain, you can easily hide things behind those hills!

I don't do it often....

Congrats to Tim, Ross and Dan.  All really good players and totally deserving of their placings. It was good to pick your brain Tim re the Chaos Dwarfs, some really good discussion.

I want to see all you Aucklanders down at Wellington some stage in the near future.  OH and I will be getting that celebrity Mug off you Tim.......

Later Fuckers.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Equinox List Preview.

Suuupp guys

Just posted up a video of my list preview for Equinox.

It can be found here - VIDEO


Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Equinox list.

So I have submitted my list for Equinox.  I always have heaps of ideas for lists floating around in the great void that is the inside of my head, but I always tend to make a list, think its great, think of something else I would like to squeeze in, then go back to the drawing board.  I always need a list to "feel" right.

I have recently become a fledgling member of the Twitter community.  @xDrMarmaladex
It was on here that I heard of Chris Yu's (Garagehammer Podcast) win at a recent tourney with his Orcs.  Funnily enough, it was with a list that was remarkably similar to the one I had just subbed the day before...Omen maybe.....no double pun intended.

Now I don't really get much gaming in between tournaments these days, mainly because of work and family commitments, so a lot of it is theory hammer.  I have been meaning to get a long to the Kapiti Club on Thursdays, but things always seem to get in the way.

Anyway, onto my list.

Black Orc Warboss - Sword of Striking - Crown of Command - Preservation - Enchanted Shield
Savage Orc Great Shaman - Lvl 4 - Shrunken Head - Ruby Ring

Gobbo BSB - Spider Banner
Gobbo Big Boss - wolf - spear - shield - Dragonhelm
Gobbo Big Boss - gw
NG Big Boss - gw
NG Big Boss - gw

35 Savage Orc Bigunz - FC - Bows
35 Night Goblins - Fc - Shields - Nets

8 Trolls
Wolf Chariot
Wolf Chariot
Wolf Chariot
Spear Chukka
Spear Chukka

Rock Lobba
Doom Diver
Doom Diver
Pumpwagon - Giant exploding spores - Outrigga


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Upcoming events

Sup dudes

I have a busy next couple of months, with Equinox in Auckland in two weeks, then Natcon a month later.

I was very fortunate to get some nice flights from Mr Dunn, so was able to make the journey north.  I missed Equinox last year so am looking forward to it.  The field looks strong so should be a great hard fought event.

Natcon is looking like a filth fest.  2500pts and very minimal comp ( pretty much none) will bring out some horrid lists.  Should be fun!  I wonder how many people will be taking advantage of the ability to take some of the monsters from monstrous arcanum.  Simon will be there people, so be sure to bring a pillow so you can have a sleep when you play his dwarfs. :)

As for lists, I can see a lot of WOC being brought out of the closet for their first tournament run in NZ at Equinox.  I think everyone will need to take this into consideration when designing their lists, I know I am.

I am going to have some fun at Natcon.  I have a couple of lists in mind.  One of them involves orcs with a massive rock, the other is a version of my DE knight bus, but with two hydras.  Will have to decide shortly though.

Laters boyfriends

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NZTC with Video reports

Hello friends

So the first ever Nztc was this weekend, and it was the most fun I have ever had at an Warhammer Tournament.

6 great games against 6 great opponents.  The team event was freekin awesome.  I can see why the ETC is so popular.

Well done to the Vonn Trapp family, Nerdymen and NZHammered for taking out the trophys.  You guys all played really well.

I was too busy playing and taking videos to actually photograph my games, but will do a quick over view in the next few days.

Thanks heaps to Pete for organising and running the event.  Thanks to Ryan and Locky for doing a great job umpiring, the event.  Locky also helped me out alot with the filming, doing all the walk arounds during the rounds as I was too busy playing.  Thanks heaps mate, really appreciated it.

And to team O.M.E.N...it was a pleasure doing battle with you, you all did the team proud.  At least we have the experience for next year, and can only improve on what we started.  Thanks guys.

Here is the link to my YouTube page with all the videos:

NZTC Videos

My favourite would have to be the "Special Guest" episode with Mr Simon Switzer. Your a champ mate, a true Dwarfer to the bitter end...love it.

Till next time

Later Fuckers.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Youtube bitches

Hi fullas

I have entered the realm opf video.

I will be doing some videos at the upcoming NZTC, they will be posted to my youtube channel.

Link below

Youtube Linky...

The first video is just a short intro, please be kind.


Friday, 8 February 2013

New Dwarf models spotted!!!!

Dwarf players rejoice!!

New armored BearCav, GrizzlyGrowlers I think they were called.

New Pics below.

I love you really Simon....

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

So....WOC huh.


So the new WOC book has dropped, and I for one really like it.  The variety is huge, and the scope for creating individualized armies has grown from the last book.

I miss you.

I used to own a fully converted Slaaneshi WOC army at the end of 7th and start of 8th.  I had put a lot of time and effort into the army, and it had won a couple of best army's at local events. That flying pink dragon thing was my disc rider.  Even though it was all Slaanesh themed, I did use other marks in the army and just modelled them Slaaneshi, which I will be doing this time around also.

So why don't I have them I hear you ask well, they got STOLEN.  Some cock juggling thundercunt broke into my house and nicked off with half my army, and all my other large models, Giant, Steg, Aroc ect.  So yeah, slightly bitter about it.  I couldn't bring myself to add in more models, so I sold what I had left.

This brings me to my new army.  This is my first draft of a list.  It needs tweeks, but quite like the base of the list,

Sorceror Lord of Slaanesh
Level 4
Lore of Slaanesh
Chaos familiar
Enchanted Shield
Allure of Slaanesh

I really like the options lore of Slaanesh has.  This guy has a 2+ save and 4+ ward.  Has 5 spells and channels on a 5+.

Exalted Hero (general)
Daemonic Mount
Flaming Breath

This guy is the general and rides with the PleasureBringers (skullcrushers)  The daemonic mount gives him 3 wounds and gives the unit type MC. 1+ rerollable armour save. Also no mark so he can ride with PleasureBringers (Khorne)

Exalted Hero BSB
Scaled Skin
Opal Amulet

Pretty simple BSB.  1+ Armour save.  I am not 100% sold on this build yet.

19 Slaaneshii Warriors

Lvl4 and BSB here

Chariot of Slaanesh

Chariot of Slaanesh

Why not???

5  Vanguarding warhounds

5 Vanguarding warhounds

4 Dragon Ogres

These guys are boss with lore of Slaanesh.  Not using new models either.

7 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh
Std, Mus
Ensorcelled weapons

4 PleasureBringers
Std, muso

So what is your guys opinion?

I also have a couple of requests.  If anybody has any of the new Hellstrider bits spare and you want rid of them, let me know.
The only models I don't have an idea of how I am going to model are the Skullcrushers/PleasureBringers.  If any one has any ideas of a mount that would suit, and also look Slaaneshii enough and fill a 50x70mm base, please suggest below.

Thanks groovers.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

NZTC 2013

Heeellloooooo fruitcakes.

So the NZTC is coming up next month and I am excited. Really excited.  This will be my first taste of  ETC style team warhammer so it will be a real learning experience.
The biggest challenge for me was finding what army to take and how to write the list.  Normally writing a list with the armies I own isn't too bad, as I have experience with them and know what works, but this is different.  I had to get away from writing an all comers list like normal, as with the matchup system being used, you can somewhat tailor your army to fight maybe two or three certain others.  That's if we get the pairings right aye Joel!

There are some very strong teams going to this event, and it should be very competitive.  But to be honest, you may as well write our teams name on the trophy right now!

By the way, to give the other teams a fighting chance, here are the armies our team will be using, and who will be playing them.

Joel - Beastmen army only using Ungors
James - Dwarf slayer army with no war machines
Glen - Goblin wolf rider army with lvl4 on Arachnarok
Me - WOC containing two huge blocks of Forsaken

You have been warned.

Later fuckers

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hey Ho Feckers

Mike has asked to give a shout out to the Natcon tournament he is running.

It is 3 days over Easter and I can't wait to go!  It will be my first 3 day event since the very first GW tournament in Wellington a looooong time ago, and also my first ever Natcon.

Monstrous Arcanum will be being used for added awesomeness!!

I will be winning the event for sure, so if you want to come and fight out second place and below, here are the details.

Natcon - Warhammer

The cut-off for early registration is approaching, $50 up until 25th January.

The Warhammer Players Pack can be found at http://huttclub.co.nz/events/nationals/warhammer-fantasy

I’ve been asked one question via email which was

Q: Do you allow all Bound monsters since there are ones in White Dwarf Mags, Storm of Magic and Monstrous Arcanum?
A: Just those in Monstrous Arcanum.

I was also quizzed a little a Homecon over weekend as what sort of list I might veto, I have no preconceived builds in mind, as the pack says, lists that would be absolutely horrible and not enjoyable to play against will be my main consideration.

Bye Bye Feckers

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Hobbit

Kia Ora

So I saw the Hobbit 3d last night.......AWESOME.  I really really liked it.  It came across a bit more light hearted than the Rings trilogy, but still had the great action scenes.

Radagast the Brown was supposed to be the new Jar Jar Binks, but I didn't actually find him to bad.  I love the way the Orcs are portrayed as absolutely bloodthirsty and brutal killers, just as they should be.  I just wish Gobbo/Orc wolf riders were that good fighters in warhammer!

Is it bad that I want a Dwarf army now..........Please be kind to me.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Good start.

Hey Ho

Just thought I would let everyone know, that I have started training the next generation of Whitt Warhammer players.....

It looks promising, as he has picked the best book out there!!

You have been warned.......

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Magic the Gathering


Wondering if anybody on the local Warhammer scene plays Magic?  Think it could be a good thing to do in between rounds at tournaments and such.