Sunday, 14 April 2013

Army list for Runefang

Hey Hey Hey

So here is my list for Runefang.  I have had one practice game with the list, and got thoroughly curb stomped by Sam and his Nurgle Daemons, so not a good start.  I will try to get a couple more in before the tournament.

I also havent run Chaos Dwarfs at a tournament for a while, so will be interesting to see how they go.

Sorceror Prophet - Level 4 Hashut - Charmed Shield - Preservation - Arabyan Carpet

Hobgoblin Khan - Wolf - Spear - Dragonbane Gem
Infernal Castellan BSB - Shield - Dragonhelm - Opal Amulet
Bull Centaur Taur'ruk - Enchanted Shield - Dawnstone - Sword of Might

29 Infernal Guard - FC - Swiftness
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso

5 Bull Centaurs - FC - Great Weapons - Shields
Magma Cannon

Kdaaii Destroyer

So first off, flying level 4 general. A lot of the Hashut spells are shorter range, so with the carpet I can get in range easier.  Can perform the role of the Taurus without buying the Taurus...I think.

Also for the third tournament in row, I have taken no Dispel Scroll.  To be honest, out of 14 games, probably missed it once, so not that bad......I think.

Notice also the movement 4 Dwarfs! 

When we recieve the lists, I will do my picks.



  1. Dwarfs - Yah... Chaos Dwarfs - boo... :)

  2. To be fair I'm taking a dispel scroll either. yes it's by choice.

    1. I am not sure I completely understand your comment.....

    2. oops, that should be I'm choosing to not take a dispel scroll as I'm running daemons.

  3. Be sure to keep notes fella. Would like to know how the carpet duder works out for you

  4. And another one stumbles blindly forward to their fate.....

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks boss man, gunna need it!