Wednesday, 27 March 2013

NATCON Tomorrow + Predictions

Howdy Pardners

I am going to win the Internetz.

So Natcon is tomorrow and I am Amped!! Internet warriors hooooo!!!!!!!

My first three day event ever, so I am sure by day three I will be totally fucked, but all good.  I am also crashing with Mal at Locky's, so who knows what will go down.

There are definitely some "interesting" armies turning up, a few are strong, and some are "huh"?

Here is my list if anyone is interested:

Dreadlord with kit on Coldone - whip of agony - eternal servitude - Dgem - crown of command
Dreadlord with kit on Peg - Giant blade - Pendant

Hag on Cauldron
Master with kit on Coldone - 3x Null talismans - charmed Shield
Master with kit on Cold one - BSB - Hydra Banner

6 DR - crossbows - muso
6 DR - crossbows - muso
7 DR - crossbows - muso
20 Crossbows

9 Cold ones FC - Hag Graef - Ring of Hotek


The first round draw is up, and there are some interesting match ups.  I grudged Mr Switzer first round.  We have a great history of battles and I am sure the banter will be tossed around...(like a Dwarf).

I will give my totally misguided thoughts on the first round matchups, and see how close I get.

Joel McNelly vs Sam Campbell 

7th ed Daemons Vs new WOC.  I have not met Joel before, so please take this with a grain of salt.  But with two units of 40 Bloodletters with heralds, its not looking good.  This will come down to how well Sam uses his chaff, and how well Joel rolls for his impact hits.  Sam 12-8

Nicholas Jebsen vs Charlie Lloyd

Orcs vs Tomb Kings.  Normally the orcs should take all the TK toys off, but with the knights and stalkers tunneling, it could be interesting.  TK have a lot of archery to get rid of the manglers, and the casket to get rid of the gobbo warmachines. If Nicholas gets his Savages or chariots into any of Charlies stuff, bones will be shattered.  It will all depend on how Charlie rolls for his Entombed rolls.  But as an Orc general, I will give this to Nick 14 - 6.

Darren Smucar vs James Millington

So the Ogre brick in a sock vs James's mixed WOC list.  Darren "Mr rubber ruler" has been out of the tournament scene for a while, so will be interesting to see how he goes. He definately has the tools with two units of 7 Mournfang, thundertusk and a stonehorn.  James is an experienced Woc player, and has taken a real mixed arms list.  If he can get his Metal magic working for him, he should be fine.  Although if those mournfang get into anything, its bad news bears.  The Ogre list has a major weakness, but I won't be disclosing it here unless I have to play it.  I will predict a 10-10.

Mal Patel vs Fern Campbell

Skink cloud Lizo vs NG Hordes.  If this is Ferns first tournament, what a way to kick things off against the cold blooded cheeky darkie that is Mal.  It will be very interesting.  The biggest things will be LD 8 for the Gobbos, and the Dawn attack scenario.  With such low ld, and the possibility of her general being away from a lot of her army, I can see panic running rife.  I think it will be a harsh intro, I am picking a big win to Mal. 

Hamish Gordon vs Brendon Johnston

The Bell crutch vs Beastmen.  This should only end badly for the Beasts.  Although Brendons magic could go very well, and he could end up picking up a lot of points through Death Magic.  The hellpit will also want to stay away from the Bestigor....thats if there is any Bestigor left after the second Skaven turn. (tip, there shouldnt be).  To put pressure on Hamish, he should win very big here.

Stuart Robinson vs Bo Paterson

New Woc vs Party Light Slaan with big fuck off monster.  Stuart has a solid looking Woc list, with two big warrior blocks.  He is also running a lvl 4 Nurgle sorceror which is gold.  Bo's regular lizards have been joined by a big nasty Dread Saurian. Light buffed Saurus should be able to grind warriors, and with a big nasty monster, I will give this to Bo....Just.  11-9

Aaron Hodson vs Jeff Kent

A very solid Ogre list vs the most annoying list in Warhammer...more fuckin Skinks.  I think the Old ones have given up on trying to spawn Saurus, as you hardly ever see them in there proper role.   I think no Slaughtermaster could hurt Aaron against 2 Slaans, but with double fireball and 2 c***blasters, he could be ok. Death snipes will be really nasty though. It will be close again though, so 10-10, or an 11-9 to Jeff.

Neil Williamson vs Mark Skilton

So a no deployment Dwarf army vs VC with a bus and a Nightmare Collossus.  I have absolutely NO idea on how this game is going to go.  10-10 Sorry.

Simon Switzer vs Yours Truly

The gauntlet has been thrown and accepted, and it has been decided that we will meet again on the field of battle. So Simon " I will envelop you with my Dwarfs" Switzer is bringing his usual heavy artillery backed up by solid blocks.  I am bringing my DE. I have no magic in my list, so all the points Simon has invested in Magical protection is wasted, and it also means that it will be a quick game.  To put it bluntly, I am going to use Dwarf skins for the sails of my Corsair ships. Dwarf beards will be woven together and used for sacks to  fill with the excrement of my Hydras.  Dwarf flesh will be roasted and fed to my Cold Ones, and your Dwarven "women" will be sold to Goblins for Squig food.......
Ahem. In truth, Simon has come a long way since our first meeting, and will probably take all my toys off.

So these are my drug addled predictions, let me know what you guys think of them, and how many you think I have correct.

Later Fuckers.


  1. So looking forward to it. 8 Chariots is Gnarly.

  2. Sam, if you don'r run the Dwarfs over I'm revoking your Warhammer licence...

    Also unless Neil uses his scout deployment to hide in the furthest corner, I expect the Collosus to make a very large and very satisfying mess of all those little dwarfies. :-D

  3. Keep the Dwarf women, to hairy if you ask me.

    It will be a fun game, but I see the game being decided on me killing the hydras before turn three or else your big cold one mess will get in my line fully intact and wreck 'hoose'. Still be a hell of a game.

    ...fucking elves

    P.S I'm almost sure elves are homesexuals! lol

  4. Hide in the corner?
    What sort of advice is that.
    I'm going to use my superior speed to surround those undead beasties and throw lots of ones (probably). Plus don't forget the gyrocopter raining death from above and the miners below. You're surrounded in 3D.

    My prediction is for the Dark Elves to sweep all before them. I don't think anybody has Dwellers as that would take the wheels of the bus.
    The army is fast, hits very hard, has decent support units and backed up by a Cauldron with unstoppable buffs. Its very magically resistant and will be on top of you before you know whats hit you. A bit of a cop out taking some infantry though.
    Nicely designed Sam.
    Good luck Simon, you'll need it.

  5. Good luck Sammy, go take those shirts off brother

  6. Congratulations Sam. Well played and fought for. I hope you can find space on your shelf for another trophy.
    16 - 4 to me for the one you couldn't predict BTW.

    1. Thanks Neil. I felt like a Dwarf with no Magic phase to use! Well done on beating that colossus too, that thing gave me the shits!