Monday, 22 April 2013

WOC army ideas take II


So while I await the arrival of my army from the northern wastes, I have been running possible army lists through my head and Quartermaster.

I am definitely running a Daemon Prince, but am a little bit sketchy on making it my Lvl4 wiz as well.  I really dont want that many points sucking its self off down a hole!  So I decided to see if I could get a Sorcerer lord and a DP in my list, and this is what I came up with.

Sorcerer Lord lvl 3 Slaanesh Lore
Chaos familiar

Daemon Prince
Chaos armour
Dragon bane Gem
Charmed Shield
Soul Feeder
Scaled Skin
Sword of Striking

Tzeentch Exalted BSB
Daemonic Mount
Third eye
Enchanted Shield

5 Vanguarding dogs
5 Vanguarding dogs
5 Vanguarding dogs

21 Slaaneshi Warriors

Slaanesh Chariot

Slannesh Gorebeast Chariot
Slannesh Gorebeast Chariot

6 Hellstriders
Muso - Std

Warshrine Slaanesh

4 Skullcrushers
Ensorcelled weapons

The only thing i would like is flight on the DP, but there is no points left.  I also have no scroll.  My last 3 tournament lists have had no scroll, and I will continue this trait.

Laters dudettes.


  1. Hamish G (Kapiti)22 April 2013 at 16:48

    Looks interesting. My current list is
    DP - MoT, 3rd Eye, Chaos Ar, S.Skin, Dragonhelm
    DP - MoN, Soulfeeder, Chaos Ar, Sword Striking, Dragonbane Gem, Charmed Shield

    Lvl 2 - Dispell Scroll, Lore death/fire, Ironcurse Ircon, Tormentor Sword, Enchant Shield, Demonic Mount.

    BSB - ToP, Jugger, Shield, MoK, Halbard, F.Breathe.


    2 units trolls with xtra hand weapon - 7 & 8

    2 units of vanguard dogs

    4 Skullcrushers - Mus

    Chimera - regen, flaming breath

  2. So Slaaneshi looking Tzeentch BSB and Khorne Juggers hey.
    I would definitely look to put some wings on the Daemon Princess.
    The other handy item would be Burning Body on your BSB.
    I would drop a unit of doggies and the Muso on the Hellstriders (you're not planning on fleeing are you?)
    Alternatively get rid of the Champion on the Skullcrushers. He charges in, bellows out his challenge killing whoever stands up to him, and then tells his Jugger to sit down and watch his mates do all the dirty work. You lose 3 attacks at S6.

    1. Your probably right about the champ on the Skullcrushers. I just want more potential free Daemon Princes with the warshrine. I would totally have flight mate but literally have no points to spare. 600 in lords.

    2. Errr
      how about lobbying for 2600 point armies as the norm for tournaments. Problem solved.
      You're being greedy with the free Daemon Princes, I hope you've modelled up your Spawn.

    3. Haven't modelled anything yet mate! No time for Runefang this year Neil??

    4. No, I'd thought I'd let you have another crack at a podium. You wouldn't want me there to ruin things for you.
      I'll cheer you on from Australia where I'm having a weeks holiday.

    5. Nice mate, have a good time. Pretty sure you have beaten me the last couple of times, so what you say is true!

  3. The sorcerer lord is supposed to have the enchnted shield and the allure of slaanesh i just forgot to type it.

  4. I've been trying to fit the same combination in the lords myself, a Slaanesh caster and a DP. I'm thinking of dropping the DP altogether, as I'm almost always playing against multiple cannon lists. I'm not sold on allure of Slaanesh either. Alternatively been thinking of running a level 2 with staff of sorcery. Still a lvl 3 defensively, and most Slaanesh spells are really cheap cost wise.

    Also Hamish, nice fortitude. Also with all your chaff and drops I expect you will always get where you need to be.

    1. Hamish = auto lose B&G! I don't think level 2 is enough as you will prob miss out on the spells required. Allure will be great when you get off the bubble LD spell. Just adds some more protection for sorcerer.