Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Upcoming events

Sup dudes

I have a busy next couple of months, with Equinox in Auckland in two weeks, then Natcon a month later.

I was very fortunate to get some nice flights from Mr Dunn, so was able to make the journey north.  I missed Equinox last year so am looking forward to it.  The field looks strong so should be a great hard fought event.

Natcon is looking like a filth fest.  2500pts and very minimal comp ( pretty much none) will bring out some horrid lists.  Should be fun!  I wonder how many people will be taking advantage of the ability to take some of the monsters from monstrous arcanum.  Simon will be there people, so be sure to bring a pillow so you can have a sleep when you play his dwarfs. :)

As for lists, I can see a lot of WOC being brought out of the closet for their first tournament run in NZ at Equinox.  I think everyone will need to take this into consideration when designing their lists, I know I am.

I am going to have some fun at Natcon.  I have a couple of lists in mind.  One of them involves orcs with a massive rock, the other is a version of my DE knight bus, but with two hydras.  Will have to decide shortly though.

Laters boyfriends


  1. Pillow... pillow of jealousy!

    Please please please bring lots of monsters, my cannons will love you guys for ever!

    "Boyfriends" I'm happy that you are comfortable with yourself Sam. However, I'm sort of a boob kind of guy :D.

  2. Busy busy time. Hope Equinox goes well for you, be sure to take some photos if you get the time.