Tuesday, 22 January 2013

NZTC 2013

Heeellloooooo fruitcakes.

So the NZTC is coming up next month and I am excited. Really excited.  This will be my first taste of  ETC style team warhammer so it will be a real learning experience.
The biggest challenge for me was finding what army to take and how to write the list.  Normally writing a list with the armies I own isn't too bad, as I have experience with them and know what works, but this is different.  I had to get away from writing an all comers list like normal, as with the matchup system being used, you can somewhat tailor your army to fight maybe two or three certain others.  That's if we get the pairings right aye Joel!

There are some very strong teams going to this event, and it should be very competitive.  But to be honest, you may as well write our teams name on the trophy right now!

By the way, to give the other teams a fighting chance, here are the armies our team will be using, and who will be playing them.

Joel - Beastmen army only using Ungors
James - Dwarf slayer army with no war machines
Glen - Goblin wolf rider army with lvl4 on Arachnarok
Me - WOC containing two huge blocks of Forsaken

You have been warned.

Later fuckers

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hey Ho Feckers

Mike has asked to give a shout out to the Natcon tournament he is running.

It is 3 days over Easter and I can't wait to go!  It will be my first 3 day event since the very first GW tournament in Wellington a looooong time ago, and also my first ever Natcon.

Monstrous Arcanum will be being used for added awesomeness!!

I will be winning the event for sure, so if you want to come and fight out second place and below, here are the details.

Natcon - Warhammer

The cut-off for early registration is approaching, $50 up until 25th January.

The Warhammer Players Pack can be found at http://huttclub.co.nz/events/nationals/warhammer-fantasy

I’ve been asked one question via email which was

Q: Do you allow all Bound monsters since there are ones in White Dwarf Mags, Storm of Magic and Monstrous Arcanum?
A: Just those in Monstrous Arcanum.

I was also quizzed a little a Homecon over weekend as what sort of list I might veto, I have no preconceived builds in mind, as the pack says, lists that would be absolutely horrible and not enjoyable to play against will be my main consideration.

Bye Bye Feckers

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Hobbit

Kia Ora

So I saw the Hobbit 3d last night.......AWESOME.  I really really liked it.  It came across a bit more light hearted than the Rings trilogy, but still had the great action scenes.

Radagast the Brown was supposed to be the new Jar Jar Binks, but I didn't actually find him to bad.  I love the way the Orcs are portrayed as absolutely bloodthirsty and brutal killers, just as they should be.  I just wish Gobbo/Orc wolf riders were that good fighters in warhammer!

Is it bad that I want a Dwarf army now..........Please be kind to me.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Good start.

Hey Ho

Just thought I would let everyone know, that I have started training the next generation of Whitt Warhammer players.....

It looks promising, as he has picked the best book out there!!

You have been warned.......

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Magic the Gathering


Wondering if anybody on the local Warhammer scene plays Magic?  Think it could be a good thing to do in between rounds at tournaments and such.