Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NZTC with Video reports

Hello friends

So the first ever Nztc was this weekend, and it was the most fun I have ever had at an Warhammer Tournament.

6 great games against 6 great opponents.  The team event was freekin awesome.  I can see why the ETC is so popular.

Well done to the Vonn Trapp family, Nerdymen and NZHammered for taking out the trophys.  You guys all played really well.

I was too busy playing and taking videos to actually photograph my games, but will do a quick over view in the next few days.

Thanks heaps to Pete for organising and running the event.  Thanks to Ryan and Locky for doing a great job umpiring, the event.  Locky also helped me out alot with the filming, doing all the walk arounds during the rounds as I was too busy playing.  Thanks heaps mate, really appreciated it.

And to team O.M.E.N...it was a pleasure doing battle with you, you all did the team proud.  At least we have the experience for next year, and can only improve on what we started.  Thanks guys.

Here is the link to my YouTube page with all the videos:

NZTC Videos

My favourite would have to be the "Special Guest" episode with Mr Simon Switzer. Your a champ mate, a true Dwarfer to the bitter end...love it.

Till next time

Later Fuckers.


  1. Loved your reaction to being drawn against us in your round 5 review, and the post mortem in your round 6 review.

    Nothing is as sweet as the tears of your enemies, except prehaps your own tears of laughter.

    Keep up the vid blog it's great. I'll donate some phone books for you ;)

  2. http://nzhammered.blogspot.co.nz/2013/02/nztc-wrap-up-glory-and-lament.html check out my first two rounds in review.. great reaction to playing us Round 6!

  3. I'd forgotten about Simons tactical genius! I seriously almost died of laughter during that interview.

    1. Best...interview...ever. I think I will interview Simon at every event I go to. Nz's Warhammer Celebrity? I will make him famous!!!

    2. My intentions were solid though. And to be only put down by FUCKING MOVEMENT 3!

  4. Fantastic vids bro, just as funny watching them as being in them.

    I agree on making Simon an NZ Icon!


    Loved the videos...and yes Simon "envelopment tactics" Switzer is a fantastic candidate for local WH celebrity.

    1. Yes Joel, you do. Although nI got a shock when I first heard myself too.

      So everyone thinks the video concept works well??

    2. You guys sound fine...don't beat your selves up too much....that's my job ;-p

  6. I thought "bitter end" was the litteral translation for Dwarf Warrior. I thought Simon was already an NZ Icon, just one thats NSFW

  7. Procrastinated at work yesterday by watching most of the vids - great work gutted I missed out on attending.

  8. Hi John. You should def come along next year with a team from the Manawatu. Its great fun and the best warhammer I have played.