Thursday, 26 July 2012

Call to Arms

So it looks like I won't have my DE painted in time for call to arms, (bloody maelstrom taking ages to send me my stuff) so it will either be my CD's or Orcs.

My Cd list would probably be the same as the Nicon list, so have a look at the Nicon tournament report for the info.
I have been thinking a lot about a possible Orc list to take and have come up with the following. It has a focus on shooting and high strength impact hits, with 2 solid combat blocks.

Savage orc warboss
glittering scales
fencers blades
Dragonbane gem
crown of command

Black orc bsb
enchanted shield
talisman of preservation

Savage lvl2 
shrunken head

Orc level 2

37 Savage orc big unz
xtra choppers

24 Night goblins
3 fanatics

8 Trollz

Boar chariot

Boar chariot

Wolf chariot

spear chukka

spear chukka

doom diver

doom diver




spikey rolla
giant explodin spores

spikey rolla
giant explodin spores

The warboss is good and killy, with a 5+ ward, 6 strength 6 attacks, ws 10 and minus 1 to hit, and with the crown, the bigunz will hang aroung for a while.
The pumpwagons are a little expensive at 75pts, but at strength 5 and no armour save impact hits, they are gold.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Orc thoughts.

In 7th edition my Orc and Goblin army was quite different than what it is now. I used to run a big unit of Boar Boyz with characters in, a unit of savage boar boyz, chariots and a couple of blocks.
It was a good list as the boar boys added the speed and hitting power the army needed. At the start of 8th edition, everyone got rid of their cavalry, thinking they could not compete with the large infantry blocks, step up etc. But now we are seeing a massive resurgence of 1+ armour save knight buses, full of characters smashing the world.

My Orcs feel left out.....

So I have been running through some ideas in my head. The main 2 problems I see with boar boyz, is there low Initiative meaning they strike after a lot of things, and the not so hot armour save.  I think to run boar boyz you have to alter your list massively from the net list Orcs, which I don't mind doing.  Initiative can be solved by running Goblin magic, getting itchy nuisance off to reduce peoples Initiative by D6. But to reliably get the spell you need a lvl 4, which cuts into your level 4 orc and Warboss funds.  The armour save is not really fixable. Standard boar boys can get a 3+, which isn't good enough in my opinion, so you need the savage boar boys. If you take the spear and shields option, they get to a 4+. You miss out on the additional HW, but with characters in the front rank, and the bonus save, I don't think they are worth it. Now 4+ is worse than 3+ obviously, but you put a savage shaman with shrunken head in there, and suddenly you have a cav unit with a 4+ armour 5+ ward save, not too shabby.

Now by putting the head shaman into the cav, you don't get it on the Savage big unz, which kinda sucks, but that is why you have to really change your list around. To run the Orc boar boyz you need multiple heavy hitting, fast moving threats, which the orcs do have in chariots, pumpwagons, giants, arocs and manglers. It will be my "Orc rush list".
Will post a list up tonight. I look foreward to seeing what kind of list I can make, and thoughts you guys have on the concept.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Mantic Goblins

Just having a look at Maelstrom and saw the new Mantic range of Goblins.
I have to say I REALLY like them. They look really mean and nasty, just like goblins should be. They could also pass as Hobgoblins to.
I can feel a new army coming on....

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Selling some stuff

OK so I am having a clear out of some stuff.
I am selling the guard as they just sit on my shelf never getting used. I am going to do a 40k army but it won't be guard, but I'm not sure what I will be doing yet. I am willing to do swaps for this stuff if  anyone has some 40k.
All the models are made from Men at Arms from the Brettonian army and cadian pieces.
The Chaos Warriors I am a little hesitant about selling. Nearly all of it is converted in some way, all is themed Slaanesh except for the Khorne Marauders. The knights are made with knight and daemontette bits.
This army has won me a couple of best army awards at local tournies. If I hadn't had the discman and Chaos warrior unit stolen I would be keeping them.
Email me if you are interested.

Imperial Guard

19 Guardsmen with Lasguns
2 x Grenade Launchers
1 x Flamer
20 Metal Stormtroopers w/ 2 x flamer and 2 x GL
5 x Old metal Rattlings
3 x Multilaser Sentinels
3 x Mortar teams
5 x Converted Storm trooper dudes
Sd bearer, vox caster, commander
2 x Plastic srgnts, 1 with one arm
30 Converted Roughriders with 3 sergeants, 3 vox.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Dark Elf WIP'S

Thought I  would post up some wip's of my army.
I should have my army done for Call to Arms as it doesn't contain too many models.

Firstly is my Dark Riders. I have 28 of these in my list, and all the mounts are at this stage (finished),
I used charandon granite to soften up the black.

These are my very WIP cold one knights. I really like how the green, blue and pale underbelly work together.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dark Elf progress.

Ok so just ordered a couple of models from Maelstrom games for my Dark Elf army.

The first will obviously be used as my Sorceress on Dark Peg.

This one will be used as my Master on Dark peg. I know it looks nothing like a Peg, but when i take the girly wood elf off the top, add a saddle and an appropriate Dark Elf master with lance and reins and stuff and give it a suitable darkish paint job, I think it will look awesome.

What you guys think?