Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hi Guys

Just thought I would post some stuff on my fledgling Slaaneshii incursion.  All the models bar the hounds are primed and ready to be painted.  I have finished all of the basing work, just adding the tufts when the models are glued on.

I am not very good at taking photos, but I have posted some below for critique.

Slaanesh Skullcrusher

Slaanesh Skullcrusher

Slaaneshii warrior.  Still some metal work on the halberd to be done.

Colour scheme for my Steeds of Slaanesh.

 Painting up 2 gore beast chariot conversions at the moment, so will post some updates shortly.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Hobby and Tournament updates

Hi guys, long time no see!!

So as most of you know, Runefang Vl was run a couple of weeks ago.  A big thanks to the two Peters - Williamson and Dunn - for umpiring the event and the supply of tables and terrain.
I took my Chaos Dwarfs for a long overdue run and they preformed quite well.

This was my list:

Sorceror Prophet - Level 4 Hashut - Charmed Shield - Preservation - Arabyan Carpet

Hobgoblin Khan - Wolf - Spear - Dragonbane Gem
Infernal Castellan BSB - Shield - Dragonhelm - Opal Amulet
Bull Centaur Taur'ruk - Enchanted Shield - Dawnstone - Sword of Might

29 Infernal Guard - FC - Swiftness
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso
20 Hobo's - Bows - muso

5 Bull Centaurs - FC - Great Weapons - Shields
Magma Cannon

Kdaaii Destroyer

The carpet on the lvl4 was pretty good.  You get the LOS from the warmachines, and along with the 4++ he only died once.  To be honest, he just sat with the warmachines most games, but the carpet was his insurance to get out of dodge.
The Tauruk was fuckin ace all weekend, and will probably run 2 next time.  This was my third tournament in a row without a dispel scroll, and I didn't miss it.  I think I will continue this trend.
The Kdaii never died which was cool.  He did fail some Toughness tests that brought him down to 1 wound though!!  Deathshriekers and Magma cannons are absolutely brutal....I love them!

Ok so I played 5 really good people and had 5 really good games.  Thanks to Fern, Pete, Brendon, Mike and Sam.

The armies I faced were Orcs, Skaven, Beasts, Lizards and Daemons.  To be honest, going into the tournament I knew my list had a massive weakness against Skaven, and it Showed.

The game against Pete was my only loss (20nil!)  and I won all my other games at least gaining 14 tournament points from each game which netted me 2nd place.  I was happy with this result, especially after gaining nothing game 2.

Some highlights of my games:
  • Killing Mike Kings Slaan turn 1 with a Flames of Azgorgh
  • Getting my Bull Centaurs run down by Skaven slaves in the flank.
  • Petes Doomrocket misfiring, and his Abomb rolling triples 2 turns in a row.
  • Killing about 15 Beastmen a turn with my Magma cannon.
  • Charging a Tuskgor Chariot with my Prophet and killing it.
  • Killing 22 Plague bearers in one casting of Flames of Azgorgh
  • A Great Unclean One sucking himself off.
  • My Prophet dodging 2 Dimensional Cascades against Mike King
  • Plague bearers rolling double 1's for a break test and not popping, but getting about 10 guys back.
  • My Kdaii not dying.
  • Mike failing the most 3d6 ld tests I have ever seen
  • Sitting the Kdaii on a Mangler and taking no damage.
I am sure there are more, but it was a while ago.

So I have been busy converting up my Slaanesh WOC.  I will be assembling the whole army before I start to paint.  Here are some WiP pics.

Basing scheme

Daemonic Mount

Slaanesh Skullcrusher

Slaanesh Warrior