Tuesday, 5 February 2013

So....WOC huh.


So the new WOC book has dropped, and I for one really like it.  The variety is huge, and the scope for creating individualized armies has grown from the last book.

I miss you.

I used to own a fully converted Slaaneshi WOC army at the end of 7th and start of 8th.  I had put a lot of time and effort into the army, and it had won a couple of best army's at local events. That flying pink dragon thing was my disc rider.  Even though it was all Slaanesh themed, I did use other marks in the army and just modelled them Slaaneshi, which I will be doing this time around also.

So why don't I have them I hear you ask well, they got STOLEN.  Some cock juggling thundercunt broke into my house and nicked off with half my army, and all my other large models, Giant, Steg, Aroc ect.  So yeah, slightly bitter about it.  I couldn't bring myself to add in more models, so I sold what I had left.

This brings me to my new army.  This is my first draft of a list.  It needs tweeks, but quite like the base of the list,

Sorceror Lord of Slaanesh
Level 4
Lore of Slaanesh
Chaos familiar
Enchanted Shield
Allure of Slaanesh

I really like the options lore of Slaanesh has.  This guy has a 2+ save and 4+ ward.  Has 5 spells and channels on a 5+.

Exalted Hero (general)
Daemonic Mount
Flaming Breath

This guy is the general and rides with the PleasureBringers (skullcrushers)  The daemonic mount gives him 3 wounds and gives the unit type MC. 1+ rerollable armour save. Also no mark so he can ride with PleasureBringers (Khorne)

Exalted Hero BSB
Scaled Skin
Opal Amulet

Pretty simple BSB.  1+ Armour save.  I am not 100% sold on this build yet.

19 Slaaneshii Warriors

Lvl4 and BSB here

Chariot of Slaanesh

Chariot of Slaanesh

Why not???

5  Vanguarding warhounds

5 Vanguarding warhounds

4 Dragon Ogres

These guys are boss with lore of Slaanesh.  Not using new models either.

7 Chaos Knights of Slaanesh
Std, Mus
Ensorcelled weapons

4 PleasureBringers
Std, muso

So what is your guys opinion?

I also have a couple of requests.  If anybody has any of the new Hellstrider bits spare and you want rid of them, let me know.
The only models I don't have an idea of how I am going to model are the Skullcrushers/PleasureBringers.  If any one has any ideas of a mount that would suit, and also look Slaaneshii enough and fill a 50x70mm base, please suggest below.

Thanks groovers.


  1. Skullcrushers can't be just dudes mounted on the old slightly converted Steeds of Slaanesh?

    As for the list, I just don't like the BSB and Lvl 4 being on foot, as they have no manuveurability and cannot escape if they need to. Also means you can't really use the no.6 spell of Slaanesh much at all due to the range.

    And finally, needs more Monster....

  2. To keep it Slaaneshi, how about boobworms for the Skullcrushers (or should that be Skullfuckers, cause that's how Slaanesh rolls)? Expensive to buy them, but you could instant mold copies if you needed to.

    Or use the Steeds of Slaanesh, as suggested. Pink Juggers might be a bit much of a contradiction, unless you seriously Slaaneshed them up.

    1. Ahyes, Boob worms was what I meant, that wasn't very clear was it?

    2. I have one of the boobworms, but am using it for my Daemonic mount so need someting different.

  3. Read the book. But the Dwarfs... still on top ;D

    1. Truth hurts man! It really does :D

    2. Is that how you imagine it, Simon? With the dwarf on top? ;-)

  4. cock juggling thundercnut. i love it

  5. As for the skullfuckers -- consider using the bodies from the Tomb King Sepulchral Stalkers with the heads of the plastic steeds of Slaanesh, it might work with some convincing. Good luck

  6. theres some good tricks there with mounts and marks. clever

  7. Can get those Slaanesh bits sent out now I'm done lounging around on holiday.

    For Skullcrushers, perhaps Chaos Knights on the Lions from the HE Lion Chariot would work? Someone was throwing that idea around somewhere, it might look decent.