Friday, 29 June 2012

Orc off at Temple Ben.

So it is  with great sadness I report to you that my good Warhammer friend, the bearded one, Mr Wadsworth, is heading over the ditch. This battle report was the last battle against Ben for what I am guessing will be a long while.

Ben is always a great guy to play against, so will miss the battles we had.
Ben always makes good lists, and his Orc list is no exception. Its well balanced and competes well in all phases of the game. I attempt to write balanced lists, but always try to be a bit different, and take some unique choices.

Bens Orcs
Orc Warboss - Stubborn hat - +1 hit sword - 4++
Level 4 Orc - Scroll
Level 1 Sorc - Head
BOBB - BSB 4++
BOBB - Attitude problem.
5 Spiders
30 Orcs -  Sword and Board
6 Trolls
1 Troll (doesn't fit in with gang)
Pair of Wolf Chariots
2 Manglers
Massive Fuckin Spider

Sam's Orcs
Grimgore Ironhide
Level 2 Orc - Scroll
Level 2 Savage - Head
BOBsb - Enchanted shield - 5++
20 NG - 2 Fanatics
2 x 5 Wolves
30 Immortul BO
Wolf chariot
2 x PW
2 x DD
2 x RL
2 x Mangler

With CalltoArms coming up, they are allowing SC, so thought I would give Grimgore a run. He is insanely good in combat, and also gives his BO unit Hatred and WS5, which is coolies.

I thought I had the edge in combat and shooting, but Ben had the magic phase sorted.
The game was last weekend, so I cant remember too much, so descriptions might be completely wrong. Let me know Ben!

We rolled up Battle for the pass and it was time to fight!!

Ben Deployement

Sam Deployement

Friday, 22 June 2012

NZ Masters

Ok so I had a three goals this year, one was to get the Chaos Dwarfs up and running, check. Two was win a tournament, check. The third was to make the Masters again.
I made it to the first masters event, well I actually finished the year in 11th place, but the person in tenth qualified for both the fantasy and 40k masters. Generously (thanks Jack) he chose 40k so I got to go to my virgin Masters. It was a fantastic event, and I finished in 4th place. Admittedly (sp?) it was with the 7th ed Skaven army of : Shoot and Magic you off the board. Not much has changed really!

So at the moment, I am sitting in tenth place, or will be when the cut off date hits. This doesn't include any scores from up coming events though, so could change. This info comes from Petes blog, he also states that a score of above 200 will be required to ensure qualification.

Now I want to be safe, so am going to need to do well at a couple of up coming events to secure a spot.
There are 3 events that I am hopefully going to attend. The local Call to Arms and Skitterleap are definates, and Guardcon in Auckland is something I have to talk real nice to the wife about.....

So if it is only the local 2, I should still hopefully qualify if I do relatively well.

Both local comps are allowing special characters, which I think is great as it opens up a few more competitive builds. There are 2 special characters I am considering building armies around, Throgg and Grimgore Ironhide. Both I think are solid choices, combat monsters, and effect the composition of armies I would normally make.I am giving Grimgore a run on the weekend, so will let you know how it goes :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


So the next tournament coming up for me is Call to Arms in Wellington.
Link to the PP.

I am having a tough time trying to figure out what to take. The following list is what I have come up with. I think it has the tools to deal with most armies, and will do well against the top tier.

Sorcerer Lord
Lvl 4 Death
Sword of Might
Infernal Puppet
Talisman of Preservation
Stream of Corruption

Exalted Hero
Collar of Khorne
Helm of many eyes
Sporific Musk

Level 1 Sorcerer
Ruby ring


8 Chaos Trolls

40 Marauders of Khorne

5 Marauder Horse
Throwing axes

5 Marauder Horse
Throwing axes

5 Dags

5 Dags

9 Chaos Knights
Mus, Std
Blasted Std


Ok so, Throgg with Trolls. Awesome unit that I can see destroying some shit, especially with EOTG rolls all the time. Throgg is a beast in combat, and pretty cheap to.

The Lvl4 and BSB go in the knight bus. A hard hitting unit that i think can out fight other knight bus's.
BSB is a wrecking ball, having 4 rerolling to hit st7 in the first round attacks, he should be able to rack up a heavy toll. Sporific Musk is awesome for helping to catch things that run. The combination of the collar and MOT gives him a 5+ ward, and mR 2 to the unit, so with this and the Blasted std, the unit has a 4+ ward against magic and shooting.
Also up close Death spells make me happy.

Lvl 1 Fire is the chaff killer, kicking out 2 fireballs a turn in the early rounds till the knights get close. He sits with the KMarauders for protection.

The Horse are your typical fast cav unit, and with throwing axes, can actually kill chaff as well.

So 3 heavy hitting units, backed with good magic. I think it could do well.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Chaos Dwarf Pics

Ok so i thought I would post up some pics of CD's. Sorry for the bad photography.

Monday, 11 June 2012

NiCon 2012

Hi Guys
Here is my wrap up of the Nicon event in Auckland. Again I apologise if the details are off, I am going totally off memory here. In future events i will be taking photos and notes.
So yeah good fun tourney, well run. Except for the guy who turned up with BOTTLES as Ogres, all armies were pretty nice.

My list was pretty much the same, just dropped the 4+ ward on the Sorceror for a 2+ reroll. Also took Metal magic instead of Hashut, as it is a lot more versatile.

Ok so onto the games.

G1 - Reid Pittams - VC - Dawn attack
Reid emailed me and asked for a grudge, so i thought may as well. He is a nice guy and really knows his stuff, so was looking forward to starting off the tourney with a really good game. Reid was running a knight bus army with a unit of 14 Black Knights with 4 Vamps in, some zombies, skellies, bats, and some wolves.
Running Metal on my lvl 4, I was instantly liking the choice. I was scared shitless of this unit...but I had a plan. Key for me was that his vamp lvl 4 had vamp magic, but only one other lvl1 had vamps to, so my plan was to searing doom the bus, kill as many knights as i could, hopefully gettting the unit below or at 5 models, then drob some bombs on the vamp lords head. So first magic phase was a big one for me, and i got big searing doom and Final Transmutation off on the bus...around 8 dead knights and a GOLDEN BSB!!! Then i dropped dreadquake and deathshrieker on general but he passed both 4+ wards.
His turn all I wanted to stop was the lvl4 casting Invok, so i scrolled it. Then in my turn i killed lvl 4 general with mortar. CRUMBLE CRUMBLE CRUMBLE.
Funny moment of game, the 2 remaing vamps and about 7 BK charge 20 Hobs, tries to cast with lvl 1, miscast kills both Vamps and all BK!!! Hobgoblins sit there shitting themselves...
So yeah, big 20 nil to me. Think I lost 1 Hob unit.

G2 - Mike King - Liz - Battle for the pass
Really enjoy playing Mike, nice guy. I think he was up against it with the scenario. So plan was to get the destroyer into the saurus, shoot off chaff early, the concentrate on the Slann from around turn 3.
Ok so Mike gets first turn,  pushes everything foreward. He 6 dices bubble timewarp, cant let that go so use scroll first turn again. My first I charge Hobs into chameleons, and shoot off all the skinky chaff , Oh, and in the Magic phase i cast final transmutation onto the Slaan bobbing about by himself...GOLD SLAAN BABY!!!! Destroyer kills 1 unit of saurus with a scar vet in, and another unit down to 1 guy, but he gets away. Shoot off Steg. So i am lookin at another 20 nil...... last turn my daemonsmith in combat with 1 salamander, so i don't want him to die, so 3 dice glittering robes on him....double 6 miscast...roll a 4, its Ok earthing rod...4.....3....dead level 4, who also kills BSB. FUCK!!!! Last turn 20 nil to a 12 - 8 win.

G3 - Michael Fenner - WOC - Watchtower
So WOC really don't like Metal magic. I won roll off but didn't put anything in the tower. I made a big mistake in deployment and placed my Centaurs outside of LD of general. First turn shoots them with Hellcannon, and panic off the board. My turn I charge dogs with destroyer, and just shoot things. Kill Hellcannon with mortar. He gets destroyer with a unit of 18 or so tz warriors with lvl 4 shadow, bsb and killy lord in there. Target lvl 4 and kill it. Destroyer dies. Target unit with everything, leave it with 1 CW left. Turned the chaos lord and BSB to GOLD!! He tries to hide the last CW behind a building, but i turn him to gold to.
He got watchtower, but i killed everything else for a 15 -5 win. Should have been more if i had of deployed proper. Good game against a really nice guy.

At end of Day 1 I am on 47/60 points and in first place. So just like Horned gobbo I am leading the field after day 1. Do I learn from my mistakes.

Horned Gobbo

So about 2 months ago I took the Chaos Dwarfs to there first tournament, the Horned Gobbo.
I will now try and document my games from the tournament, it was a while ago so if I get some (a lot) wrong, please don't yell at me  :)
It was a 2400pt tournament with a few hard caps on comp. I had a couple of practice games with my list and done alright.
Sorceror Prophet lvl 4
4+ Ward
Enchanted Shield

Daemonsmith Sorceror Lvl 1

Castellan BSB
Dragon helm
4+ Ward

20 Hobgoblins

20 Hobgoblins

27 Infernal Guard
Armour Piercing banner

6 Bull centaurs
Mus, Std

Magma Cannon


Dreadquake Mortar
Slave Ogre

Kdaaii Destroyer

So as usual, the Kdaaii is the main talking point of most games. There are definate ways to kill the thing if you know how, but if it gets into what I want it to, it really kicks butt.

Here are a quick rundown of my games.

If your not first, your last...


Ok so I have decided to start doing the blog thing. I will be attempting to document all my tournament games, friendly games, and all my painting and converting. Only time will tell how well I do.

The Blog is called Hashuts Right Hand, but will not just be about the evil stunties. I will be documenting my tourneys and games with them, and my thoughts on the list.

So yeah, first post done and dusted.