Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stripping paint.

So I bought some second hand Space Marines from a guy in Auckland at a very good price. I needed to strip them, so did some investigating and found the Dettol and water method.

They came out well.


Ok, so I don't normally rant much, but this just blows my mind.

This is the spray paint I use to undercoat my models;

It works really well and am happy with it, especially seeing its like $14 a can.

So I ran out recently, and the closest place I can get some more is 20mins away at Toyworld Paraparaumu.
My Wife went to WOW on Sat, so I asked her to get me some more spray paint. Then I realised that the new White Dwarf was available, so asked her to go to GW and get me the mag and a can of Chaos Black spray. MISTAKE!!!!

So I came back from Petes on Sat and found the mag and paint waiting for me. I asked my wife how much it cost....... $25 she said. I thought that was ok. Then she informs me that was with a $20 GW voucher!!!

So $31 for a can of black spray.....I fucking fell of my chair!!!! 

Monday, 24 September 2012

The art of Submarining...

We all live in a yellow submarine....a yellow submarine....a yellow submarine.

So last weekend I travelled up to Auckland for Guardcon. The field was around 24 strong, a smallish field but full of good players.
I crashed at Rory's place in the Potter room which was good fun.
I will give a quick run down of my games with a few random picks added in.
First up, here is the list I took to the tournament.

Savage warboss-xtra hw-crown-silvered steel-Dgem
Savage Level 4 -Head - fencers blades

Gobbo lvl 1-scroll-ruby ring
Black Orc BSB-enchanted shield-Preservation

35 Savage Bigunz-Xtra chop-FC
40 NG-Bows-Nets

8 Trollz
Boar chariot
Boar chariot

2 Manglers
2 Doomdivers
2 Lobbas
2 Pumpwagons

Again, I may have gotten points or facts wrong, please don't shoot me....

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Call to Arms memories.

Hi Guys

Call to Arms was a while ago, so I again apologise if I stuff up what happened in the games.
It was a really well run tournament, and a lot of fun.

Also the pics will be all over the shop.

This is the list I took:

Savage warboss
crown of command
fencers blades
glittering scales
Dragonbane Gem

Savage lvl 4
MR 1

Black Orc BSB
Enchanted Shield
4+ Ward

NG Lvl 1

40 NG archers

35 SO BigUnz
Xtra chops

8 Trollz
1 Troll
2 Spear chukkas
Boar chariot
Wolf chariot

2 Doom divers
2 Lobbas
2 Mangler Squigs

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Some updates and a Beardy Blog.

Sup G-Units!!

I have been busy painting recently so my blogging has been a bit slack.
I have Guardcon next week and am really looking forward to meeting up (and beating up) the Auckland guys. :)

With my decent placing at C2A, I am hopefully safe for Masters qualification. But I will need Pete to do another ranking on his blog to confirm this!!

I am taking Orcs to Guardcon. They are my favourite army, and thought I would give them another run seeing as they behaved themselves at C2A. The list I am taking is:

Savage Orc Warboss
Extra choppa
Armour opf Silvered steel
Dragon bane gem
Crown of Command

Savage level 4
Fencers blades
Shrunken head

Ngobbo level 1
Ruby Ring

Enchanted shield
4+ Ward

36 Savage orc Bigunz
Xtra chops

40 Ng
Std Mus

8 Trollz

Boar Chariot

Boar Chariot

2 Pumpwagons

2 Mangler Squigs

2 Doomdivers

2 Rock lobbers

Should do Ok.

Also the well known Bearded Wonder (Ben Wadsworth for the uninitiated) has started his own blog of wondrous gaming and hobby stuff!! Please check out his blog here:

Laters Peeps.