Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Hobbit

Kia Ora

So I saw the Hobbit 3d last night.......AWESOME.  I really really liked it.  It came across a bit more light hearted than the Rings trilogy, but still had the great action scenes.

Radagast the Brown was supposed to be the new Jar Jar Binks, but I didn't actually find him to bad.  I love the way the Orcs are portrayed as absolutely bloodthirsty and brutal killers, just as they should be.  I just wish Gobbo/Orc wolf riders were that good fighters in warhammer!

Is it bad that I want a Dwarf army now..........Please be kind to me.


  1. The new frame rate did not bother you?

    I agreed, the battle scenes were brilliant, definitely got me pumped, and I own a dwarf army already.

    - Adam Richards

  2. shame on you. i told you them chaos dwarves were a gateway drug.

  3. Dwarves are awesome, but Warhammer certainly fails to translate them into a dynamic army. I can understand the designers looking at 'Shooting heavy/no magic/poor movement' as a good way to differentiate Dwarves from other armies, but it leads to a very limited playstyle. Pete summed it up well when he said that most Dwarf players start their army because they like the fluff, then find out the playstyle isn't that great. I agree, and it's where I find myself

    Maybe next edition we'll lose some shooting and anti-magic, but gain some movement, magic and become the short and grunty combat killers we're meant to be. Then you can get yourself a Dwarf army and kneecap anyone over 5 foot with pride.


  4. The Orcs and Goblins were awesome...if only my Reavors were as awesome as the Elven fast cav :( But then again, reavors vs Goblin wolfriders was accurately portrayed in the movie...
    maybe the real issue here is actually how crap Dwarfs really are. Since they were the focus, everything was in comparison.

  5. yes it's bad you want a dwarf army.

    Orcs and goblins are as brutal as they are in warhammer. Think how they perform against elves. They get mowed down in droves, far worse than that horde of savage boyz would against a horde of white lions.