Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Hey hey hey..

So NATCON was run during the Easter break.  8 games over 3 days, total marathon hammer.  18 gamers showed up, and the mix was good with some experienced, and some not so experienced generals showing up to smash face with their basically uncomped armies.

I had 8 tough games against 8 great opponents. I ended up going 7-1 and taking out the tournament which I was thrilled about.  I had never won a two day event before let alone a three dayer!
Now in some circles I am known as having the "day two jitters", which I have proven correctly on a couple of occasions, so mI was determined not to do it here.  Simon and I grudged first round, so I knew the tournament was going to start with a fun game and a big win for me.....Just kidding mate, I was actually worried about the matchup!

I ended up playing Dwarfs, Lizards, Daemons, Lizards,VC, Lizards, Skaven and WoC in that order (I think)?  So pretty tough matchups, especially against Magic heavy lizards, and me having no wizards in the army!  Two of the Lizards were rockin metal, so very dangerous for the bus.  I had some good luck in games, and bad luck in others.  Against Simon I failed a 4" swiftstride charge to get my bus into Hammerers with hydra in the flank, with a juicy overrun into other block.  I had given the unit +1 attack from the Cauldron, so when they failed, they took an Organ gun to the face with no ward save...not pleasant.  Against the VC, bus took a charge from Vampire lords bus, I managed to kill 4 Black Knights, loosing only 1-2 of mine, and grinding them out over 2 rounds.  Helped by a flank charge from St7 Pendant lord.  Also in the last game against Woc, Stuart failed a 9 steadfast check with Nurgle warriors and lvl 4, allowing me to collect 900 odd points final turn.

People say you need a bit of luck to win a tournament, I guess their right!

My loss came against Jeff's Lizards game 1 day 2.  Meeting engagement, and over half my army started off the board... I played like a fucking chump this game, allowing my bus to get out of Cauldron range, thus no 2+ ward vs magic = dead bus.  After this game, I thought here we go again, day 2 and I fucked up. But I managed to pull it back, so I can hopefully now put the stigma behind me. :)

Thanks to Mike for running a very smooth tournament.

Mike has also given me the link to his Flickr account with over 200 really nice photos of the event.

Oh, and I also got my water bottle taken off me because I didn't buy the water from the canteen. Yeah. I don't mind supporting charity, but didn't my entrance fee go towards this?  Could rant some more, but cant be bothered.

Later Fuckers.


  1. So the moral of the story is, you're still a day 2 choker but having a day 3 allows you to recover?

    Can't believe they confiscated water bottles... that's fucking ridiculous!

    1. Won two games on second day, I hope that's not choking.

  2. Did you have that picture taken before your tatoo?

  3. Secret to success... 3 dayers, so the jitters are not so bad! lol just kidding and congrats on your first tourney win.

    But seriously? they took your water bottle off you? Who was the Nazi? Name and shame mate.

    1. Second tourney win. Don't even know his name.

    2. Yes, second tourney win, and both with Dark Elves too.
      Sam you excell in odd numbered day tournaments.

  4. Well done Sam on winning the tourney.

    Reckon you should wear that outfit to the next tourney. Would make me fail Ld tests just to get away from the table.

    The water issue was a joke. Brought one of their bottles the first day, then filled it from home for the remaining two days. Still they made plently out of me. Nice touch that they came around at the end of the tourney and gave away free cakes, etc.