Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The "real" top 5 lists for Runefang

Hello again

So these will be my predictions for Runefang VI.  Like Pete has said, they are based on list design, player talent and the kind of armies present at Runefang.

#5 - Will Hoverd, Joel van der Ven-long, Sam Campbell, Mike King

Ok so a massive cop out here.  I couldnt split these guys to be honest.  If any of them want to be higher on my list, and I know they all read my blog, I do accept bribes of Russian virgins, and Sweet and Sour Pork on rice.  They are all strong players with really solid armies, competition will be tight.

#4 - Simon Switzer

Yes, thats right folks, Mr "I want bear cav waa waa waa" Switzer is my #4 pick.  If he can avoid any massive mistakes and not get mind fucked (again) by Mal first round, I can see his cannons and Organ guns seriously ruining some hobby.  He is  really starting to improve his game, and will be a contender.....God now we will never shut him up.

#3 - Jeff Kent

Jeff has brought THE most annoying army list in Warhammer. Clouds of fucking skinks backed up by solid blocks of Saurus.....oh no wait, sorry got that wrong.  Jeff had a unit of Saurus at Natcon, but obviously the weird sized bases and non ability to shoot seriously hindered his gameplay.  Jeff is a real solid player, and with this army will be real strong.

#2 - Pete Dunn

So considering Pete might be too humble to pick himself, I will pick him.  Nasty as fuck army with the "Oh, I am in trouble here, turn around so you cant hurt me haha" Bell list, he was hard to go past. But I did. If I play you Pete, can you please explode the Bell, cheers.

#1 - Ryan Lister

Really like this list.  I know that it is the usual Black Knight bus list with super choppy Vamp lord, but I think it is time it has won a tournament.  The three units of Vargheists really help the list function, although the new FAQ hinders this slightly.  It will be super tight at the top, but I think it will pip Pete to the post.

As for me, probably mid table.  I would be really happy with top 5.  Haven't used the CD's in ages, so will be rusty.  Although, if all else fails I can cheat my way through as some people might not know the CD rules!

See y'all on the weekend.


  1. I'll Pew pew my way to the top! Will be a hell of a weekend man, loads of fun.

    See you on Friday.

  2. Ah Simon Simon joining the tournament scene and winning with Dwarfs I mean honestly whats wrong with you ;) could you play mine as well maybe Ill eek out a win this time round

    As for Jeff "Skink Fetish" Kent the less said the better

    Nice analysis Sam Id offer my own but I hardly understand my own armies let alone everyone elses see you all at Runefang

  3. I'm sorry but a vamps list with 3 units of vargeists is not going to win this tournament (no offense Ryan).

    1. T4, no armour save (so vulnerable to poisons), frenzy (found that out to my delight in the NZTC) don't regenerate enough wounds because they're vampiric, and in groups of three a liability (lose one and 2 stomps and 9 attacks at S5 probably hitting on 4's is just not going to cut the mustard). Even zapped by leadership spells will doom them....or even other terrorgiests. All in all a stack of points in 3 units so kill them and avoid/tie up the bus.

    2. No imagination Rorius.
      They fly, they march, they stomp.
      They can usually pick their targets and have a good chance of getting on the flank or rear.
      Initiative 4 (and WS4) is none too shabby either so if they pick their targets correctly they will be hitting first.
      The only downside I can see is the frenzy.

    3. Ha ha and they died! LOL! Get vargulfs....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better!

  4. you need some new settings for you crystal ball Sam.