Monday, 26 November 2012

Special Guest Post.

Hello Peeps.

I have a special guest today.  Mr Rory Finnemore.  Please make him feel welcome.

Rory’s take on the 2012 NZ MASTERS.

(Disclaimer – all statements herewith are not necessarily a true reflection of what the author feels about the participants, for instance Antony isn’t a nice guy, he’s actually a real prick*)
Well, upon writing this I am only a few short days away from my inaugural Warhammer Masters event. Initially, I just missed out on making the top 12 in the country (not due to my lack of genius and Warhammer acumen), but most probably I chopped and changed lists too much over the year to get that innate feeling for a list – so for this Masters event I thought I’d do the same.
But before I delve into my own list I thought I’d take the time to wander over some of the other participant’s offerings to the Warhammer gods. I shall start in order of worst to best (in my humblest of opinions), please note that I have not included my own list; I will leave it as an object for your disdain in other blogs.
So thank you Sam for letting me ramble – and to the others, sit back and enjoy (or fume at) the critiques....

This guy is apparently pretty good....however his list isn’t. I think he may have confused Masters with FluffyCon – sorry pal you’re 10 months too late for this year’s Fluffiest of Fluffies! Unless his tactic is lulling his opposition into a false sense of security and unexpectedly smashing them around the back of the head with a large, wet fish, I shan’t think we’ll see this list in the top 10 ;-p

Putting aside the fact that the last time we played his bony dead men royally fucked my Empire up the arse, in this Masters, I think his list will struggle against the other armies. In terms of picking his army I think Tim has misjudged the nature of the other lists he expected to encounter there. He can’t put as much pressure on his opponent during the magic phase with the single casket, too many armies have units that can deal with the Tomb Guard and the single necrosphinx just doesn’t have the impetus to capture the points for the big wins. See this list getting run over (excluding T3 elves) by everyone.
In fact, I am so certain that this list is shit house cellar-dweller that if Tim makes the top 3 at Masters I WILL BUY HIM DINNER AND A PINT OF GOOD SOUTHERN ALE the next time he is in Auckland for a tournament!

Famous New Zealand historian returned to life to dominate the Warhammer world? No sadly not. This New Zealander at war forgot to take some terradons or mounted scar vets – and his Engine of the Gods, is like so last edition Warhammer.
PS: I am really sorry if you are related in any way to the author Michael King and are offended by this....he rocks – Maramarua represent!

Unlike what his name suggests, he is actually a really top bloke and he has the ignominy of 8th place. In part, due to the fact that he is taking Beastmen. Doombull on a flying carpet? Say what?! Ovid will be turning in his grave when this Alladin-isation bastardises his epic character on the tourney battlefield. Top marks for creativity, but because he’s taking beastmen, he’ll have more chance of catching a shit with wet tissue paper than winning this tournament!

An interesting list, however a little bit one-trick-pony if you ask me. Since no one has actually asked and that I’m just writing at you, expect this list to dominate some armies (Empire, Elves, etc) and not so much against others (Timmy will breathe a little easier if he gets matched up against this one). Incredibly dependent on the Helcannons doing the bizzo.
Nice work though mate – impressed that you have the balls to take a list like this. That’s right....I like your balls.

When the two Skaven players at this tournament were scrying the internet for “Internet-Skaven-Lists” this particular player cut and paste the wrong one and didn’t realise until after he submitted his list to James. Oh well, never mind...this guy is actually a pretty good player, so he may finish higher than what his list suggests. Pretty easy to kill the furnace though bud, expect everyone to gun for it....

His last name suggests that he has two dads. However this confused chap has managed to put together a tidy list. As I am a formerly astute general of the Empire (or F.A.G.E for short) I think the area where Joel may be lacking is: 1x missing helblaster...if you have a couple of small magic phases at the start of the game then you’ll be hard pressed to take down any threatening buses with searing doom, which no amount of KFC loving will be able to rescue you from buddy....enjoy walking over KB hordes with the chickens, I’m sure there’ll be a couple of long faces staring across the table at you...

Well last years Master is taking his tried and true. Some players would describe Antony as a bit of a Master-trebuchet-tor, but really he’s a nice guy and not a prick* at all. Even though he has a penchant for wearing t-shirts two sizes smaller than he should.
In all seriousness this guy is a great player. Brets kinda suck but imagine Antony as the Rocky Balboa of the warhammer world – get into a street scrap with this guy and he’s going to beat you up! Just as well the streets at this tournament are lined with two trebs! FYI it’s “Gleaming Pennant” not “Gleaming Pendant” probably the third time you have misnamed this item. How does a pennant gleam anyway....? Look forward to his crappy yellow dice that always roll 5’s and 6’s (I’m sure they’re weighted).

When in Auckland this guy sleeps at my house in Harry Potter’s bedroom. He loves this room so much he asks for it on request even though there’s alternate sleeping quarters....makes me wonder sometimes...
I really rate his list for Masters it does a bit of everything well – choppy bus, strong magic, lots of war machines, grindy-stompy block of trolls. Set to top the tourney...maybe? He’ll have to have a little bit of luck on his side if he’s to get past the next two lists. Sam always punches above his weight with lower tier armies – truly a good player and a worthy Master.

When most dads have a kid they’re like “my sons going to be an All Black”....however when your dad is the Jonah Lomu of the NZ wargaming scene there’s fat chance of that happening!
I’ve never had the pleasure of playing the Dunns, but with 6 games and two Dunn’s the odds are in my favour! Tom’s list is as hard as they come, however I’ve worked out its weakness (it does have them) so don’t sweat too much folks, just stick to your game plan and you’ll go alright. I’m surprised by the inclusion of only two Bloodletter blocks and this is where I think its weakness is....but I’ll leave it for other folks to work out!

This is the list to do the job, and much has been already written about it.... However, like our own All Blacks Pete cracks under pressure. Four more years? Quite possibly. Or will he break his hoodoo like the AB’s did last year? I hear from reliable sources that Peter starts to sweat when the opponent isn’t fazed by the rep and sticks to the game plan. Pete knows this game so, so well, and he’ll grind, outmanoeuvre and game other players better than they can him (imagine Jonah and his giant Tongan thighs bearing down on Mike Catt). However, I remember an NPC game from the mid 90’s where Jonah Lomu was cut down by the diminutive Stu Forster (1.70cm tall!) showing that everyone has their day and that giants will fall...

Will Masters 2012 be yours at the end of battles?
Roll on December 1st and 2nd!
Please remember if I haven’t offended pretty much everyone with this post then I haven’t done my job!
See ya’ll soon,
Rory Finnemore

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Masters 2012

Hi guys

So I had 2 goals this year for my gaming, to win a tournament and make the 2012 Masters.  Thankfully I was able to do both, winning Vermintide last year. 

This will be my first masters since I was able to come in 4th place at the innaugural event a few years ago.  I took a very filthy Skaven army to that event,  and out of 5? games I played 3 Bret armies.  Brets really didn't enjoy my list at all.  I remember playing Phil Commins in the first game,  I got a casting of Warplightning off on his big lance of 12 or so Realm knights killing 4 and panicking them off the board first turn, which helped!  I also remember playing 2 Dark Elves as well, pushed around by Nick Buckby and Ant Kitson.  I think i narrowly lost both games, but not 100% sure.  Dave Grant ended up winning the event with his Ogres.  He beat a lot of good armies with it, and was also able to ride the comp score really well.  It would have been interesting for me to have played him, as I think I had the toys to take him on.

So I am taking my faithful Orcs and Goblins to the event.  I had the choice to go with my Chaos Dwarfs or very shooty Dragon Dark Elves, but the Orcs are the army I feel most comfortable with, and they would have got angry with me if I didn't take them!  Now that all the lists are in and available,  I will post my list.

Black Orc Warboss - Sword of Anti Heroes - Enchanted Shield - Preservation
Savage Orc Warboss - Great weapon - Dragonbane gem - shield - Crown of Command - Armour of Destiny

BO BSB - Potion of Speed - Endurance - Dragonhelm
Level 2 Savage Shaman - Head
Level 2 Savage Shaman - Scroll - Eeee!!! Mask

34 SO Big unz - Xtra chops - Boss - Std
28 Orc Boys - Shields FC

8 Trolls
Wolf chariot
Wolf chariot
Wolf chariot

Mangler Squig
Mangler Squig
Rock Lobba

So first off I have dropped the Ng unit and Shaman for the Orc boys.  I was finding that the NG were a unit that wasn't really pulling it's weight.  They weren't hitty enough for a combat block, and I was finding using them as an anvil that my shaman would die.  So I felt I really needed the 3rd combat block, enter the Orc boys.  I used to run these guys all the time with my BO warboss and BSB in them and they were ok, but not that hitty.  So I decided to run the second warboss in there.  Now they can take things on much better.

Having the 2 lvl 2's isn't too bad, as when you roll 6 dice foot all day long and hope for the double 6, levels don't really matter!!  Tactics  FTW!!

I had my first game with the army last night against Hamish's army with 2 units of 5 Skullcrushers, knights and Warriors.  He literally had no chaff, so the manglers had a free reign to damage one of the skull crushers.  They are still very tough and took 4 turns to kill them.  I manage to table him minus 8 Warriors.

There is a good mix of armies at the event, topped by some filthy filthy Skaven.  Should be good and really looking forward to it.  As for my chances, I am not really sure.  Would love to hear some of your guys opinions on the lists and how you think the tournament will go down.


Lists -

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vermintide Results.

So Vermintide was yesterday.  I had a really great time and played against 5 really great people.  Here are the results and my list.

Orc big boss on boar with sword of striking, dragonhelm and luckstone.
Orc level 2 on boar with ruby ring

5 Wolves
20 Ng with 2 Fanatics
18 savage big unz std muso

7 Trollz
2 Boar chariots
1 Wolf chariot

2 pumpwagons with outriggers.

So I managed to grab second which I was happy with. I also got the most butcher points which was cool.  I got 2 out of 5 predictions correct, Joel winning and Peter 3rd.  Not bad for a first attempt!  I picked Joel to play Mike last round and win, but I actually ended up playing Mike and taking the win.  The only way to beat Mikes list for me was to drop all my crap and wait to see where the flaming herald was going to go.  Then I could re direct one of the bloodletter blocks out of the game and gang up on the rest of the army.

I played Caleb with Slaan lizards first up.  I was worried about the skinks, but chariots and pumpwagons are my friends.  Caled didn't roll regrowth with the slaan, so when a first turn foot killed about 9 temple guard, I could then confidently go into it with the trolls.  It ended up full points to me.

Then a long came my old sparing partner Simon and his Dwarfs.  So his canon ended up rolling a one for his cannon so it didn't turn up first turn.  And as he was off building sandcastles in the corner, past the turn to me.  I just barrelled everything forward as fast as pos.  Highlights were one of my pumpwagons going 38" in two turns into the quarrellers, killing 2 and getting chopped to timber.  Simon was good at picking targets with his cannon, and took all my chariots out.  I managed to get all his stuff except for the BSB and half a unit,  but my army was reallt fucked up by the time I got there. 11-9 to me.

Next was Matthew with......Dwarfs.....YAY!!!!  This was watchtower.  Managed to get the trolls in there and all game they stayed.  A good hand roll on the NG meant I could put both fanatics through both of his warrior blocks for some heavy casualties.  The wolf chariot managed to clean up the grudge thrower and organ gun after only 1 turn of shooting...phew.  Ended on turn 4 after I rolled a 6 on the die.  Full points to me.

So Ray was proving me wrong all tournament with the Daemon Prince.  Now I had to play him. Ray is a great guy to play against, and I always enjoy the challenge.  Highlights were a pumpwagon being charged by 5 chaos hounds, killing them over 3 rounds of combat, then helping with the combo charge along with wolf chariot and trolls + Big boss into tzeentch halberds with rage banner.  Daemon prince charged a pumpwagon first turn then overran into the front of a boar chariot.  I was able to charge the flank with my savages and other flank with other chariot and kill it.  Big win to the O&G.

I played Mike last round.  The only way to beat Mikes list for me was to drop all my crap and wait to see where the flaming herald was going to go.  Then I could re direct one of the bloodletter blocks out of the game and gang up on the rest of the army.  This is pretty much what happened.  I managed to g Hand of Gork the savages a couple of times to try and get them into a good position, and out of a tight spot!!  Managed to get a decent win out of it.

With Joel getting a big win over Peter last round, he was able to take out the tournament.  Well done mate and well deserved.  Would have loved a game against you to see how that would have gone down.

So the masters are up next for me.  Time to put the Big Boy pants on I think.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vermintide take two: First round matchups

So Neil has kindly sent out the first round draw.  For those that are interested, I will run through the games and use my awesome Warhammering Skillzz* to predict the results of the first up games....

  1. Peter with TK vs some other dead things. They both smell funny to an Orc. I reckon those Scorpions and Necro Kitty will be doing there best to killing blow that vamp and necro asap.  The Ghouls are dangerous, but less so when they have to crumble.  Big win to the sandy Williamson.
  2. Fluffy Orcs vs Life Slaan in Temple Guard with all the poison in the world......I will let you guys decide this one.
  3. Ray vs Aaron with Thundertusk Ogres. I would normally give this to Ray as he is a good player and very experienced.  But I think he thought he was playing 40k when choosing a Daemon Prince.  If Aaron can avoid getting the Mournfang and Thundertusk Gateway'd off, then he could pull off the win.  Small margin though.
  4. Bo's metal HE vs Joels Fuckin angry birds.  Can Bo get some searing doom off early to cripple the Demi's? Otherwise I think the Angry Birds will be picking HE skirts from their teeth (Teeth?)at the end of this one.
  5. Stuarts WOC vs Dave's Skaven toys.  Like I said in my last post it depends on the Skaven toys.  If they were brought cheaply at the $2 shop then I think it will be close, otherwise it will be a Fisher Price annihilation. 
  6. James's White Skirts vs Simon's "I wish I had Thorek" Dwarfs. I am going to give it to James for 2 reasons. Experience and White Lions.  See ya second round Simon :)
  7. Kents "Blot out the sun" WE vs Adams Dwarfs. If Adam didn't play Dwarfs I would fell sorry for him, but......Dwarf bolt throwers are going to be pretty useless this matchup. I can see Kent base-lining the shit out of this game.  If Kent targets Quarrellers early, then I can see a big win for him.
  8. Matthews "unpainted hordes" of HE vs Alexs/Joels WE.  This is a hard one to pick for me.  So I am going to say that lots of "Stupid smelly Elves" are going to die.  10-10
  9. Johns "Push it forward FTW" Ogres vs Matthews Dwarfs. Wait...more Dwarfs...great. lol.  I think it all depends on how depleted the mournfangs are before combat.  I think the Ironblaster gives John the edge, and as I have picked him for my top 5, I will be giving him the win.
  10. Mike's "Sack full of hammers" vs Thomas "Mad" Max.  So the Tournament Vet Mike to go up against    Thomas in his first Tournament.  I don't know the numbers, but how well do Plague Monks do against Letters??  The Doomwheel and Plague Mortar will be troublesome, but I am giving this game to Mike. Although, this could be the upset of the round. 
So thats what I think will go down.  Please note I know nothing about Warhammer, so I studied the Internet for a good 3 hours today researching these results.

What are your opinions guys?

*Often confused with blind luck and rolling Foot of Gork. It is a legitimate strategy I promise!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


So this is what it feels like to bring a knife to a gun fight....
I guess it's my fault (or Ben's...Grrrrr).  After taking the only level 4 to the tournament last year, and winning the thing, I thought I would take something more Fluffy to this years tournament as I felt this would be more in line with the "Theme of the Tournament".
It feels like I have fallen for someones well concieved trap..
Just joking. The armies that have been subbed are all strong armies.  A Slaan!!! (really.....) The Mournfang and Demigryphs have also come out to play.  And Mike with all subtlety(sp?) of a sack of hammers to the face.  There seems to be an abundance of flaming banners and rings to kill my poor little Trolls :(  Kinda feels like the War of the Beard too with all the Dwarfs and Highelves.
As for predictions, I think there are a few armies and players that stand out, so I will give you my top few placings.
I think the top 2 spots will be fought out between Mike with his Daemons of redness, and Joel with his fuckin angry birds.  In that matchup if Joel can keep the letters away from his Halberds, I think the Demi's will do a number on the Letters.
Caleb and his Lizos have the ability to not loose if he doesn't want to, but can he push for the big wins??
David A has taken all the toys in the world, but are they made in China??  I don't know what I would do against those freekin gutter runners...
The Dwarfs are in town and have brought there warmachines and stuff..................sorry fell asleep there for a moment. I really don't know what Dwarfs do apart from shoot, not move, and build sandcastles.
All the Ogres are strong as normal..."push it foreward FTW". Nuf said.
High Elves will be squishy, sorry but I can't see them challenging. Although I haven't seen James's list yet.....
The Wood Elves will be annoying as shit.  Alex's (sorry Joel's) list is well thought out and should be very tough to deal with if played correctly.
Sorry Ray but I can't see that Daemon Prince living very long.  You must be in the same fluffy camp as me.
Then there is Mr Peter Williamson.  His list will cause everybody headaches.  I rate Peter as one of the top generals in the country, so when it comes to crunch time, I can see him sniffing around the top 3 spots.
I honestly don't know how to rate the VC list.  Those 30 Ghouls could be problematic, but the rest seems squishy enough.
  1. Joel Vdvndjenddjdjdd.......long
  2. Mike King
  3. Peter Williamson
  4. Dave A
  5. John Murrie
So I am picking Joel to beat Mike last round and take the tournament.
OOhhh the pressure.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Army Ideas.


So after finishing my DE, and not needing to add anything to my current O&G or CD army, it must mean only one thing....NEW ARMY TIME!!!!!

But what to do.  I am always running army ideas through my head, most are crap, but sometimes one sticks. 

As many of you know, I had a heavily converted Slaanesh themed WOC army, that some little maggots nicked from my house.  I loved that army, so I think I am going to take what I learned from doing that one...and do the army again!  I have some definate conversions in mind, I will go through a few of my ideas here.  I will however be waiting for the new book before going balls out with it.

When the new WOC stuff came out, I was not a all.  The warshrine is only good for bits, I have never really been a fan of Khorne stuff, and the marauders on steeds looked very lazy and do not look nice together....BUT, if you take the marauder bits and the steeds as seperate entities, they are really nice models.  The steeds I like, and the Marauders are all Slaaneshi and stuff so will be perfect for my army.  I will be using the crested helms for my knights and warriors, along with the shields bodies.

Now to me, Slaaneshi warriors and units would look a lot different to the other gods warriors.  I would imagine them being very lithe and agile and not as bulky as the others.  So what models to use?

I did some surfing on the GW website and come up with a few ideas. 

High Elf Phoenix Guard
I am going to use phoenix guard for my warriors.  With a head swap with the Marauders from the Hellstriders and some greenstuffing and heavy filing I think they could really work.
High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor
I like the Chaos knight models, but again they are too bulky for my needs, enter the Dragon Princes.  I have heaps of spare chaos bits, so I reckon the will chaosify pretty well.
Chaos Marauder Horsemen
The marauder horsemen are one of my favourite GW kits, so they will stay as the are.
I am still not sure what I will do for normal foot marauders, but I will prob wait for the new book to see if they are woth taking or not.
So if anyone is planning on getting the new Hellstriders, please let me know so I can bribe you to get some bits off ya!!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Bit the Bullet

OK guys so I have submitted my list. It isn't as strong as last years list, but I like it.

Orc Big Boss - Boar - Shield - Sword of Striking - Dragonhelm - Luckstone
Orc Shaman - Level 2 - Boar - Ruby Ring

5 Wolf Riders
18 Savage Orc Bigunz - Xtra chop - Std
20 NG Archers - Std - 2 Fanatics

7 Trolls
Boar Chariot
Boar Chariot
Wolf Chariot

Pumpwagon - Outrigga
Pumpwagon - Outrigga

So first thing is no BSB. I will probably regret it, but we will see.  What do y'all think cowboys?

Saturday, 3 November 2012

1200pts is HARD!!!

Anybody else going to Vermintide having trouble making a list??
I am finding it hard to make a list that can do what I want it to do without running out of points.
I am taking my orcs so I have a lot of options, too many really. I am finding I can do one phase really well, but the others suffer.

My DE list last year was really nasty, but really balanced at the same time. (Thanks Ben) It is really hard to do the same thing with Orcs.

I will post up my list after the cut off date for peoples opinions. Can't give too much away now......