Friday, 29 June 2012

Orc off at Temple Ben.

So it is  with great sadness I report to you that my good Warhammer friend, the bearded one, Mr Wadsworth, is heading over the ditch. This battle report was the last battle against Ben for what I am guessing will be a long while.

Ben is always a great guy to play against, so will miss the battles we had.
Ben always makes good lists, and his Orc list is no exception. Its well balanced and competes well in all phases of the game. I attempt to write balanced lists, but always try to be a bit different, and take some unique choices.

Bens Orcs
Orc Warboss - Stubborn hat - +1 hit sword - 4++
Level 4 Orc - Scroll
Level 1 Sorc - Head
BOBB - BSB 4++
BOBB - Attitude problem.
5 Spiders
30 Orcs -  Sword and Board
6 Trolls
1 Troll (doesn't fit in with gang)
Pair of Wolf Chariots
2 Manglers
Massive Fuckin Spider

Sam's Orcs
Grimgore Ironhide
Level 2 Orc - Scroll
Level 2 Savage - Head
BOBsb - Enchanted shield - 5++
20 NG - 2 Fanatics
2 x 5 Wolves
30 Immortul BO
Wolf chariot
2 x PW
2 x DD
2 x RL
2 x Mangler

With CalltoArms coming up, they are allowing SC, so thought I would give Grimgore a run. He is insanely good in combat, and also gives his BO unit Hatred and WS5, which is coolies.

I thought I had the edge in combat and shooting, but Ben had the magic phase sorted.
The game was last weekend, so I cant remember too much, so descriptions might be completely wrong. Let me know Ben!

We rolled up Battle for the pass and it was time to fight!!

Ben Deployement

Sam Deployement

Turn 1

Ben starts off with no failed Animosity (don't think he failed one all on the other hand...). Mangler squigs push up to just outside  9" of the chariot, so I can't suicide it.
IF small foot on Immortuls, kills 12 :( miscast result...loose Foot..:) DD kills one of my manglers.
My turn my units just mill around,PW hits spiders flank and kills four, last one holds. I try to foot Ben (then I try to cast the spell) but he scrolls it. All my shooting does 1 Wound to a Mangler.

Turn 2

Ben does some moving stuff, IF's big hand on Mangler 19"...looses hand :). PW kills remaining spider.
My turn EVERY unit fails animosity...yep, all of them. Forces 1 unit of Wolves to charge big spider, all of them die. I get the victorious PW into the front of the Wolf Chariots, does 5 wounds and runs them down. I shoot off 1 Mangler with a DD and blow up a Lobba with a misfire. I hand of Gork other wolfriders for a reason I can't remember.

Savages..with a Saurus sub for my BSB.

Turn 3

Bens army behaves, as usual. Spider charges PW with predictable result. His units move around, and the Truck of Orcs exits the drinking room.(Exits a building that I forgot to say they were in). My Savage shaman gets Eadbutted for a wound. DD kills 3 of my remaining wolves. RL blows up. On the BIG spiders overrun, it triggers 2 fanatics and they cause 2 wounds.
I have no charges. Mangler and 1 fanatic goes through spider, survives with 1 wound. I cast Eadbutt to try and snipe Bens level 1 savage, as we were lining up for a Savage off and i wanted the advantage. So of course i IF the spell, and needing about 9" on 4d6 for the range, i roll four 1's...yup. Then miscast causes stregth 10 hit and kills my So level 2 with the head...Advantage Ben. DD takes last wound off Spider.

Turn 4

No charges. The lone troll moves up to set a trap for my SO. I then scroll Brainbursta. His DD shoots my black orcs for 1 kill.
I charge my BSB solo out of the savages into the troll, planning to kill it, then think of something clever to do but I failed miserably, it was a bad move. PW flies into trolls, causes 10 hits, for 1 wound :( i win combat and trolls hold. RL kills Bens DD.

I call Shenanigans

Turn 5

Bens SO charges BSB, kills it and overruns into Savages. HA! i knew I did that BSB charge for a reason, now I get to counter charge my Grimgore led Immortuls into the SO flank...yummy. He gets rerolls to hit off on the SO, not cool. Trolls kill PW.
So I get my charges off. I also get reroll spell of, this is going to get messy. At this stage there is really nothing left to shoot at.In the combat, I kill 17 of Bens SO and the BO hero, and he kills 15 of my guys, I win combat but he holds on a 5. I reform the BO so it was a slightly longer charge for the Truck to get into Grimgore.

Oh yeah, for this turn and the next, my lone Mangler went through my NG twice, reducing them down to 1 guy, who survives the battle shitting his robes, and getting rid of the Mangler - nip he was carrying.

Turn 6

So the Truck makes the charge. Ben then gets IF on his rerolls, bad news bears for me. Grimgore attacks general, with 5 rerolling to hit, s7 attacks, I cause ZERO wounds...So yeah BO flee with Grimgore and are caught by the truck. My savages run also but arent caught. The difference between a 5++ and a 6++ on the SO is critical.
All I have left to do is rally savages and save points, check. Then I shoot my remaining 2 DD and Rl at Bens remaining Savage Orcs with level 1 and kill them all to get those points.
The lone Mangler-Nip Night goblin

GREAT game and ends in about a 13 - 7 win to Bens Orcs.

I couldn't really remember the finer points of movements and tactics, just a really enjoyable game. Bonvoyage Benny Boy, hold onto that win, as when you come back, a rematch is on baby!!!!!



  1. Great report Sam.
    Put your Mangler's on bigger bases! You get such an advantage when (if) they hit home.

    Also I think we need to arrange a match sometime...just give me a bit of time to get my Empire fully painted so my army looks good in the pics!

  2. just in re the blorcs fleeing, as per page 72 of the brb, you should have taken your shirt off

  3. Man...I always get that rule wrong. That must be why I like to take Blorcs.

  4. Orcs are OP & bent and I'm glad they bashed each other rotten :) Great to see that you got a game in Ben before you crossed the ditch. Not to worry mate there's warhammer a plenty over there and don't forget to keep us up to date on your travels in wargaming and the real world.
    Cheers, Phil.