Wednesday, 13 June 2012


So the next tournament coming up for me is Call to Arms in Wellington.
Link to the PP.

I am having a tough time trying to figure out what to take. The following list is what I have come up with. I think it has the tools to deal with most armies, and will do well against the top tier.

Sorcerer Lord
Lvl 4 Death
Sword of Might
Infernal Puppet
Talisman of Preservation
Stream of Corruption

Exalted Hero
Collar of Khorne
Helm of many eyes
Sporific Musk

Level 1 Sorcerer
Ruby ring


8 Chaos Trolls

40 Marauders of Khorne

5 Marauder Horse
Throwing axes

5 Marauder Horse
Throwing axes

5 Dags

5 Dags

9 Chaos Knights
Mus, Std
Blasted Std


Ok so, Throgg with Trolls. Awesome unit that I can see destroying some shit, especially with EOTG rolls all the time. Throgg is a beast in combat, and pretty cheap to.

The Lvl4 and BSB go in the knight bus. A hard hitting unit that i think can out fight other knight bus's.
BSB is a wrecking ball, having 4 rerolling to hit st7 in the first round attacks, he should be able to rack up a heavy toll. Sporific Musk is awesome for helping to catch things that run. The combination of the collar and MOT gives him a 5+ ward, and mR 2 to the unit, so with this and the Blasted std, the unit has a 4+ ward against magic and shooting.
Also up close Death spells make me happy.

Lvl 1 Fire is the chaff killer, kicking out 2 fireballs a turn in the early rounds till the knights get close. He sits with the KMarauders for protection.

The Horse are your typical fast cav unit, and with throwing axes, can actually kill chaff as well.

So 3 heavy hitting units, backed with good magic. I think it could do well.


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  1. Hey Sam. Looks good. Cant wait to run my Dragon/2 Wlion horde army into it. My point being that anyone that has the ability to kill the knights will give you a hard time...though cant think of many other armies out there that could comfortably wipe them out.

    Very excited by Throgg. Are you working on a cool conversion to represent him?

    WIth lore of Death I assume your anti Ogre tactic is to get into combat and then throw a purple sun through the unit?