Monday, 11 June 2012

Horned Gobbo

So about 2 months ago I took the Chaos Dwarfs to there first tournament, the Horned Gobbo.
I will now try and document my games from the tournament, it was a while ago so if I get some (a lot) wrong, please don't yell at me  :)
It was a 2400pt tournament with a few hard caps on comp. I had a couple of practice games with my list and done alright.
Sorceror Prophet lvl 4
4+ Ward
Enchanted Shield

Daemonsmith Sorceror Lvl 1

Castellan BSB
Dragon helm
4+ Ward

20 Hobgoblins

20 Hobgoblins

27 Infernal Guard
Armour Piercing banner

6 Bull centaurs
Mus, Std

Magma Cannon


Dreadquake Mortar
Slave Ogre

Kdaaii Destroyer

So as usual, the Kdaaii is the main talking point of most games. There are definate ways to kill the thing if you know how, but if it gets into what I want it to, it really kicks butt.

Here are a quick rundown of my games.

Game 1 - Bo Patterson - Lizardmen

So up first is Lizards, the destroyer doesn't like poison. Bo was rockin the Life Slaan in temple guard unit, some saurus, a Engine Priest, salamanders and chameleons.
I wasnt too sure how I was going to get the Slaan temple guard bunker, until I saw it had the Flaming banner. Enter the Destroyer.
The game went pretty much to plan, shoot the saurus down, and get the destroyer into the temple guard. In the end the Destroyer was charged in the front by the Temple guard, and flanked by a 25 saurus block and ancient Steg. After 2 turns the Destroyer had killed everything and made the Slaan flee, and because it was BSB, it auto died.

Big win to me. Bo was an awesome guy to play and would like to play him again.

Game 2 - Mike King - Lizardmen

Mike is a very good player, and with Lizardmen (again), I knew this would be tough.
Mike had a souped up Light Slaan, 3 saurus blocks, a couple of Scar vets, sallys and skinks.
The destroyer was going to be up against it this game, and went down turn 2 to skink poison. I couldn't roll a 4+ ward to save my life!! I got some revenge by casting flames of Azgorh on the Steg, killing it outright. With the destroyer going down early, I had to make a tough call. I noticed I had a long charge into a saurus block, which had been depleted with shooting, with my Infernal guard and 2 Characters. If i beat the unit, I had an overrun into the Slaan. Needing a 9 on the dice, I got it, beat the saurus and hit the Slaan. I then got flanked by saurus, and got stuck there all game in a grind fest.

Small win to me.

Game 3 - Tim Joss - Tomb Kings.

Having never played against the new tomb kings before, it was going to be a real learning experience. Tim had a good list with lots of archers, big TG block with double lvl 4, light and Nehekara, 6 nekro knights, 2 catapults and a casket. I dont remember much from the game, although it was watchtower. It was a battle of the artillery, as his catapults couldn't really touch the destroyer. I think I killed one of his skullapults, and I really can't remember what I lost, dreadquake I think. I got off the Ash storm, flames of Azgorgh combo on the necro knights early, killing 3. The TG went in and out of the building, each time in they were charged by the destroyer, taking off about 15 each time. The centaurs killed the remaining knights, and IG got the archers. In Tims final turn there was I think about 10 TG left with 3 characters in the building, I charged witht the destroyer and with crumbling they all died. I apologise to Tim if I got some stuff wrong, it was a while ago.

Big win to me.

So after day 1 I am leading the field and having to play Pete Dunns Ogres in the morning....great.

Game 4 - Pete Dunn - Ogres

Petes list was your typical Ogre filth, ;), with slaughtermaster, bsb, and a firebelly in a gutstar, with another unit of bulls, 2 ironblasters, 3 cats, 3 units of 2 mournfang, and 5? scouting, immune to psych maneaters. NASTY.
Coming into the game, I thought if I could get 1 of the ironblasters, andd reduce the mournfangs first turn, maybe I could hold the rest up for a draw. First shot of the game with dreadquake on IB, hit and misfire, re roll misfire, misfire, 3 -1 on the chart, dead dreadquake. FUCK!!! So downhill from there. Pete kindly lined up all 3 cats for my magma cannon to shoot, 2 dead and 1 fleeing cat. I shoved the Kdaaii in the face of 2 mournfang units, thinking i could take them alone, without a big ogre block helping out. Unfortunately I had a brain fart. Behind the mournfang was the gutstar, but it was blocked from charging the kdaaii, until 1 of the mournfangs charged some Hobgoblins, and instead of fleeing I stupidly held, which cleared the way for the gutstar to charge the dead destroyer. After that the game kept going badly and at the end all I had left was my Lvl 4 and BSB.

Big loss. Pete is a great player, the best in the country in my view. I have only beaten him once, with my WOC against his Skaven at the first Homecon. But I am trying to get some more!!

Game 5 - Rory Finnemore - Empire

First game against Rory, and the new empire. He had 2 cannons, some crossbows, warrior priest on horse, grand master with runefang, bsb on horse, 2 or 3 level 1 shadows (very nice combo) 2 units of knights, 1 unit of 3 demigriphs, and a hellblaster with engineer. The list was good and hard to get points out of. I think we have seen the end for the time being of infantry in the Empire!!
On turn 2 i left me centaurs too far forewards and they got killed by a unit of knights. I got the destroyer into the other unit with WP and ground them down. The demigriphs charged the IG, and with the AP banner, i thought i would grind them down...nope. Stuck all game. Eventually got charged in the rear by other knight unit. I got the Destroyer into the flank of the unit in combat and killed the remaining knights, but then got bitchslapped by the runefang and died. I lost pretty much most of my stuff, with Rory loosing boh knight units and 1 character.

Big loss. Rory was great to play against and a top bloke. Revenge will be mine buddy ;)

Ok so after leading day 1, I finished in 11th place. Really dissapointed in only picking up 4 points day 2, after being in the high 50's day 1. Need to make sure my mind is switched on for the second day.

Thanks to Pete and Raymond for running a great tourney.

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