Friday, 22 June 2012

NZ Masters

Ok so I had a three goals this year, one was to get the Chaos Dwarfs up and running, check. Two was win a tournament, check. The third was to make the Masters again.
I made it to the first masters event, well I actually finished the year in 11th place, but the person in tenth qualified for both the fantasy and 40k masters. Generously (thanks Jack) he chose 40k so I got to go to my virgin Masters. It was a fantastic event, and I finished in 4th place. Admittedly (sp?) it was with the 7th ed Skaven army of : Shoot and Magic you off the board. Not much has changed really!

So at the moment, I am sitting in tenth place, or will be when the cut off date hits. This doesn't include any scores from up coming events though, so could change. This info comes from Petes blog, he also states that a score of above 200 will be required to ensure qualification.

Now I want to be safe, so am going to need to do well at a couple of up coming events to secure a spot.
There are 3 events that I am hopefully going to attend. The local Call to Arms and Skitterleap are definates, and Guardcon in Auckland is something I have to talk real nice to the wife about.....

So if it is only the local 2, I should still hopefully qualify if I do relatively well.

Both local comps are allowing special characters, which I think is great as it opens up a few more competitive builds. There are 2 special characters I am considering building armies around, Throgg and Grimgore Ironhide. Both I think are solid choices, combat monsters, and effect the composition of armies I would normally make.I am giving Grimgore a run on the weekend, so will let you know how it goes :)

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  1. Come on Sam you know you need to catch GuardCon if you're gonna make the Masters :) ChDorfs for the rest of the year then?