Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dark Elf progress.

Ok so just ordered a couple of models from Maelstrom games for my Dark Elf army.

The first will obviously be used as my Sorceress on Dark Peg.

This one will be used as my Master on Dark peg. I know it looks nothing like a Peg, but when i take the girly wood elf off the top, add a saddle and an appropriate Dark Elf master with lance and reins and stuff and give it a suitable darkish paint job, I think it will look awesome.

What you guys think?


  1. I love that Owl, its very sexy. Wish I could find a reason to include one in my army...

    Hope you enjoy fixing models, mate. While Gamezone models look great, they have a terrible casting rate. Hopefully yours is good, but I'm avoiding that place in future...

  2. James is correct mate ,Gamezone are fucking terrible minis.Mate of mine got a load of there undead horsemen,which look fantastic on there web site,but looked like a massive blob of metal shit once we got them out of there packets

  3. Well only the sorceress is Gamezone so I hope its Ok. Will see how it turns out. It was cheap, like 12 pound, thats why I ordered it.

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  5. Best of luck with them mate,just have a good supply of green stuff handy and pin everything.Also the metal they use is very brittle and doesn't bend well at all.

    The owl is awesome,been thinking of getting that dolly myself

  6. Do you have any photos of the Dark Elves? I'm always interested in seeing how others paint their models.