Tuesday, 13 November 2012


So this is what it feels like to bring a knife to a gun fight....
I guess it's my fault (or Ben's...Grrrrr).  After taking the only level 4 to the tournament last year, and winning the thing, I thought I would take something more Fluffy to this years tournament as I felt this would be more in line with the "Theme of the Tournament".
It feels like I have fallen for someones well concieved trap..
Just joking. The armies that have been subbed are all strong armies.  A Slaan!!! (really.....) The Mournfang and Demigryphs have also come out to play.  And Mike with all subtlety(sp?) of a sack of hammers to the face.  There seems to be an abundance of flaming banners and rings to kill my poor little Trolls :(  Kinda feels like the War of the Beard too with all the Dwarfs and Highelves.
As for predictions, I think there are a few armies and players that stand out, so I will give you my top few placings.
I think the top 2 spots will be fought out between Mike with his Daemons of redness, and Joel with his fuckin angry birds.  In that matchup if Joel can keep the letters away from his Halberds, I think the Demi's will do a number on the Letters.
Caleb and his Lizos have the ability to not loose if he doesn't want to, but can he push for the big wins??
David A has taken all the toys in the world, but are they made in China??  I don't know what I would do against those freekin gutter runners...
The Dwarfs are in town and have brought there warmachines and stuff..................sorry fell asleep there for a moment. I really don't know what Dwarfs do apart from shoot, not move, and build sandcastles.
All the Ogres are strong as normal..."push it foreward FTW". Nuf said.
High Elves will be squishy, sorry but I can't see them challenging. Although I haven't seen James's list yet.....
The Wood Elves will be annoying as shit.  Alex's (sorry Joel's) list is well thought out and should be very tough to deal with if played correctly.
Sorry Ray but I can't see that Daemon Prince living very long.  You must be in the same fluffy camp as me.
Then there is Mr Peter Williamson.  His list will cause everybody headaches.  I rate Peter as one of the top generals in the country, so when it comes to crunch time, I can see him sniffing around the top 3 spots.
I honestly don't know how to rate the VC list.  Those 30 Ghouls could be problematic, but the rest seems squishy enough.
  1. Joel Vdvndjenddjdjdd.......long
  2. Mike King
  3. Peter Williamson
  4. Dave A
  5. John Murrie
So I am picking Joel to beat Mike last round and take the tournament.
OOhhh the pressure.


  1. Yeah, I've never even had a top 10 finish yet so I'm not feeling much pressure :)

  2. Nice write up Sam - good turn out from the Palmy boys were all hoping to do well

    Im hoping to avoid the Wood Elves and Peters lists and having played against Calebs death by a 1000 cuts list i can tell you its freaking horrible.

    Now if I only had a couple more Mournfang models...

  3. I've brought ONE warmachine! Don't hate.

    Where is my name in the top five hmmmm! lol. Good right up none the less.

    1. I spelled "Write" wrong... oi..

    2. If you can tell me the last time a Dwarf army finished top 5 in Nz, I will tell you why they can't.

    3. Runefang V ...
      Thomas came 5th. So cough up why cant they

    4. Didn't he come 6th? Thats what RHQ says.

    5. Shame Sam... ;D

      That will be me soon. Or I'll just loose my Nerve, complete my cheesy cheesy CD army and just herp a derp my way through ;D.

  4. I choke at Vermintide... for some reason...
    & there are a few lists that make my list also look like a knife...

  5. Building sandcastles to entrench war machines FTW.

    On a serious not, thanks for the write up Sam, looking forward to a rematch against your O&G after Karak Eight Peaks last year.

    Hey Peter, if you could choke when we have our game that would be much appreciated. There's a beach cricket set in it for you. *chuckle*

    Don't worry about not being the Top 5 spot Simon, since its the top five spots after the dwarf players.

    - Adam Richards

  6. A Slaan? LULZZZZZ

    Oh well, just look at it as a challenge to make you play better, then when (if?) you win you shove it in your opponents face with all the subtlety of Mike Tyson. It's the best way.

    Neil has my list, just needs to send me the lists, as well as sending mine out :P

  7. I'm missing the Blood Thrister so the Chicken riders favorite Khorne food group is missing this time. I believe the letters have them covered.


    1. My Chickens find that Bloodthirsters are merely there as appetizers for the main course, though they usually only table Demons the 2nd time round (see Tom D's book of grudges).

      I'm not sure how you're picking me for top spot...I spent points on a hurricanium + you know that my tournament tradition is to always (well at least this year) come 1 place under you...

      And yes, If Alex can figure out by the end of turn 1 game 1 how to get that woodie list working it should place top 5. None of the lists provide it with much worry if it uses the right tools vs the right targets.

    2. I would have thought the Demi's would go through the letters. Great armour save, wounding on 2's, no killing blow, +1 to hit from the hurricanum and potential magical buffs.

  8. Demigriffs do go through bloodletters, they just take a fair beating from the herald on the way through. Hurricanum does tip things nicely in my favour...but not relying on magic buffs (except for my super faithful Halberds of course!)

    Also might want to move me out of your top 3. I've drawn lvl4 with metal round 1...SUBMARINES ARE GO!

  9. You will be fine mate. Only a lvl 3 so unlikely to get final trans. Just dispel searing doom each turn and you will be fine.

  10. Still trying to figure out how I made it into the Top 5 ;)

    1. It's your time John, it's your time. If you pick your targets well, you shouldn't have too much trouble.

  11. So having looked at the lists, who allowed that horrific daemon prince list? Slaan has only 4 spells life magic so is instantly average at best. If he knew the whole lore I'd be a lot more worried....

    My main problem is to make sure I can get through game 1 without committing suicide from boredom playing dwarves...

  12. Just lose the first round and you can avoid the Daemons all day ;)