Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Army Ideas.


So after finishing my DE, and not needing to add anything to my current O&G or CD army, it must mean only one thing....NEW ARMY TIME!!!!!

But what to do.  I am always running army ideas through my head, most are crap, but sometimes one sticks. 

As many of you know, I had a heavily converted Slaanesh themed WOC army, that some little maggots nicked from my house.  I loved that army, so I think I am going to take what I learned from doing that one...and do the army again!  I have some definate conversions in mind, I will go through a few of my ideas here.  I will however be waiting for the new book before going balls out with it.

When the new WOC stuff came out, I was not a all.  The warshrine is only good for bits, I have never really been a fan of Khorne stuff, and the marauders on steeds looked very lazy and do not look nice together....BUT, if you take the marauder bits and the steeds as seperate entities, they are really nice models.  The steeds I like, and the Marauders are all Slaaneshi and stuff so will be perfect for my army.  I will be using the crested helms for my knights and warriors, along with the shields bodies.

Now to me, Slaaneshi warriors and units would look a lot different to the other gods warriors.  I would imagine them being very lithe and agile and not as bulky as the others.  So what models to use?

I did some surfing on the GW website and come up with a few ideas. 

High Elf Phoenix Guard
I am going to use phoenix guard for my warriors.  With a head swap with the Marauders from the Hellstriders and some greenstuffing and heavy filing I think they could really work.
High Elf Dragon Princes of Caledor
I like the Chaos knight models, but again they are too bulky for my needs, enter the Dragon Princes.  I have heaps of spare chaos bits, so I reckon the will chaosify pretty well.
Chaos Marauder Horsemen
The marauder horsemen are one of my favourite GW kits, so they will stay as the are.
I am still not sure what I will do for normal foot marauders, but I will prob wait for the new book to see if they are woth taking or not.
So if anyone is planning on getting the new Hellstriders, please let me know so I can bribe you to get some bits off ya!!


  1. Read up on the highelf lore (loec). If you want to do slanneshy stuff, and use some High Elf models, there might be a cool theme right there. Even the woodies have slannesh themes as well (wardancers accidently summoning slanesh demons) for another conversion potential source.

    Joel v.

  2. I'd also like to do a Slaaneshi Warriors army. I was thinking of calling it Dominant Bob and the Manlove Legion.

    Anyway, the Avatars of War range might be useful here. I've got the Domina of Torment who makes a great Slaaneshi sorceress, though she is quite small compared to other Warriors figures. At some point they will release Warriors of Torment, to go with the Nurglesque Corrupters and the Khornate looking Warriors of Apocolypse. If the Torment Warriors look anything like the Domina, they'd make fantastic Slaaneshi Warriors. Throw on some Black Lotus crested helms and you're away. Still, that could be some months away.

    As for the Phoenix Guard, don't those armoured skirts take away from the lithe agility you'd expect of Slaaneshi Warriors? Black Guard would seem a better fit, though of course metal/finecast are more expensive and harder to convert. But I think they look the part more than the Phoenix Guard. Still, your converting talents are mightier than mine, so I'll leave you to it.

    1. Love those Black lotus heads mate...idea stolen.

  3. No worries, happy to help. I'm guessing you know already, but Maxmini and I think Secret Weapon also do glue-on helmet crests, which could be put straight onto a GW or AOW chaos warrior head for a Slaaneshi look.

  4. Stop stealing my damn ideas Sam! :-P oh well at least you'll finish it...

    You could just use daemonettes as Marauders. Pretty much same equipment really and themey

  5. I look forward to some progress reports. I like where your heading with these ideas!

  6. yeah, thats a mean idea. might pay to eyeball it up first tho, the elves are wee and might be disproportionate to the woc stuff

  7. Ahhh shit didn't know you had your old army nicked mate,it was one of the best WoC armies i had seen in ages.

    Like your ideas for the new army.Will be keeping an eye out for progress on it

  8. Really looking forward to seeing the army take shape Sam. All those ideas sound primo. I went and had a look at the new WoC mini's and they are way better in person than in the leaked pictures and the warshrine is growing on me.

  9. New Army eh? That's a no brainier... DWARFS!

  10. This proposal is fundamentally floored. It suggests it is possible to finish an army. That's a physical impossibility and one of the signs of the apocalypse