Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vermintide take two: First round matchups

So Neil has kindly sent out the first round draw.  For those that are interested, I will run through the games and use my awesome Warhammering Skillzz* to predict the results of the first up games....

  1. Peter with TK vs some other dead things. They both smell funny to an Orc. I reckon those Scorpions and Necro Kitty will be doing there best to killing blow that vamp and necro asap.  The Ghouls are dangerous, but less so when they have to crumble.  Big win to the sandy Williamson.
  2. Fluffy Orcs vs Life Slaan in Temple Guard with all the poison in the world......I will let you guys decide this one.
  3. Ray vs Aaron with Thundertusk Ogres. I would normally give this to Ray as he is a good player and very experienced.  But I think he thought he was playing 40k when choosing a Daemon Prince.  If Aaron can avoid getting the Mournfang and Thundertusk Gateway'd off, then he could pull off the win.  Small margin though.
  4. Bo's metal HE vs Joels Fuckin angry birds.  Can Bo get some searing doom off early to cripple the Demi's? Otherwise I think the Angry Birds will be picking HE skirts from their teeth (Teeth?)at the end of this one.
  5. Stuarts WOC vs Dave's Skaven toys.  Like I said in my last post it depends on the Skaven toys.  If they were brought cheaply at the $2 shop then I think it will be close, otherwise it will be a Fisher Price annihilation. 
  6. James's White Skirts vs Simon's "I wish I had Thorek" Dwarfs. I am going to give it to James for 2 reasons. Experience and White Lions.  See ya second round Simon :)
  7. Kents "Blot out the sun" WE vs Adams Dwarfs. If Adam didn't play Dwarfs I would fell sorry for him, but......Dwarf bolt throwers are going to be pretty useless this matchup. I can see Kent base-lining the shit out of this game.  If Kent targets Quarrellers early, then I can see a big win for him.
  8. Matthews "unpainted hordes" of HE vs Alexs/Joels WE.  This is a hard one to pick for me.  So I am going to say that lots of "Stupid smelly Elves" are going to die.  10-10
  9. Johns "Push it forward FTW" Ogres vs Matthews Dwarfs. Wait...more Dwarfs...great. lol.  I think it all depends on how depleted the mournfangs are before combat.  I think the Ironblaster gives John the edge, and as I have picked him for my top 5, I will be giving him the win.
  10. Mike's "Sack full of hammers" vs Thomas "Mad" Max.  So the Tournament Vet Mike to go up against    Thomas in his first Tournament.  I don't know the numbers, but how well do Plague Monks do against Letters??  The Doomwheel and Plague Mortar will be troublesome, but I am giving this game to Mike. Although, this could be the upset of the round. 
So thats what I think will go down.  Please note I know nothing about Warhammer, so I studied the Internet for a good 3 hours today researching these results.

What are your opinions guys?

*Often confused with blind luck and rolling Foot of Gork. It is a legitimate strategy I promise!!


  1. No pressure then aye =P Would be interesting to have these predictions there on the day to match them up, if it works you could try predicting the rest of the games too.


  2. I think one whole year of tournament experience is enough to match the best of them! I'm in to win this thing!

    And the "I wish I had Thorek" is a nice touch, made me laugh XD.

    Oh, we will play at some point in the tournament... WE WILL!

    1. I'm going to give the win to Caleb against you Sam, 3 reasons, Slann, Temple Guard and Salamanders. The first unit that will go will be those Savage Orcs and then the NGs.

      You really should have took a level 4, a few slaps around the ear is sooooo worth it. I would have to be honest. Metal and just constantly throwing six dices final trans and yelling "take it off" as per usual

    2. The NG's!! Nooooooooooooo.......

    3. Hey, their easy points that's doesn't take to much of an effort.

      I'm also curious, whats the fluffy part of your list, to me it just seems like a normal O&G list?

    4. No BSB, No shrunken head, No shooting. If people are shooting the NG then thats fine by me.

    5. Mhmm yea, but I though fluffy mean there was some sort of theme behind the list.

      I don't know, I'm just a silly Canuck.

      Not bringing a BSB is pretty bold though.

  3. Yep, I should have taken a Ro Spellbreaking, and Mro Challenge on the runesmtih instead of the Mro Spelleating. Ah well, live and let die.

    Your comment on the bolt throwers is somewhat valid, but they have been doing some amazing things at Duellists (club in Palmy), and they are the cheapest (bar spear chukka's) artillery that ignores armour saves. So basically my mantra against them blimin budgies is: "Focused fire, and anything but a one."

    See y'all on the battlefield.

    - Adam Richards

    1. I like the Bolt throwers against most opponents, just not WE.

  4. Don't forget to mention Simon's incredible Flaming Cannon! I'm scared Mommy!!!

    Oh wait...

    Sam, just make sure no unit is within 6" of another for those BSB-less panic tests and you'll be fine. 4 spells of Life is meh...

    1. EH! My cannon is not burning, shouldn't be at least, I'll have a look.

      My theory behind it not putting flaming on it is that to many things are riding around with Dragon Helms and Dragonbane Gems to be worth it any more, unless I bring two cannons of course, then one always get flaming.

    2. version of lists I have says it has forging and Burning at 130 pts

  5. Yea, just had a look, it shouldn't be like that. I should have Rune of Stone on the Runesmith instead of burning, jezz.

    Well not much of a point bothering Neil one day before the tournament. Ill just have to role with it, and I'm facing Dragon princes my first damn game! And a lord with a dragonbane gem. (THE REASON I DON'T ADD BURNING!) lol

    1. haha don't worry, Simon. I'll let you pass for this one, because I'm such a nice guy and all.

      I mean really, what sort of moron would take a single flaming cannon with mass proliferation of flaming wards... ;-)

    2. Well, I'm guess that I'm that moron! lol

      Wait, is this Neil or Peter that's I'm chatting to, I forget sometimes who profile is who's XD.

    3. Yes, I have the rather imaginative "Neil" and Peter has his initials PaW.
      God knows where Meals comes from James?

  6. O lol, I thought that said PaW... god, I need a nap or something.