Sunday, 7 October 2012

What are peoples opinions....


Is this a gamy tactic or totally legal?

Would you allow someone to do it?


  1. I think it's definately gamey!

    I don't think it would actually be illegal though as the number of models in combat are maximised as per the rule book so if someone wanted to do it I would probably allow it.

    Having said that as flee-pursue etc. is centre to centre & it's going to deflect shit all over the place add that to combat reform on both sides if you start this kind of thing you're asking for people to shuffle a combat sideways and all sorts or crap.

    When you get games like that and it's a tournament it's legal so I go with it but it just ruins the games for me.

  2. I think its fine.. Personnaly
    Ive done it in the past :)
    Though When ive done it. Usually for character protection more than anything

  3. Huh? I didn't even realise people might actually think it was gamey? I do it in pretty much every other game...

    Not sure how this is any different to having a mage/BSB on the edge of a horde unit to minimise attacks when charged by a smaller width unit? I'd go so far as to say its exactly the same

  4. Yep I have to confess to doing it as well. Usually to set up an overrun path. Sometimes with a wide unit to keep a mage out of the combat altogether

  5. Its pretty standard at tournaments. It gets done to me all the time. (being undead I never get to charge much)

  6. I didnt even realise you could do it - we just go straight in and line everyone up. Dont remember anyone doing it to me in a game.

    I think its only when a unit cant wheel enough to bring everyone into line that we get this kind of overlap.