Friday, 5 October 2012

Pew Pew Pew fantasy edition

So Skitterleap will be the first tournament for my Dark Elves. I have been running some lists through Army Builder, and decided to run a very shooty list.

I am looking after Master Beards DE while he is in Aus, so I had options to run a normal DE list, but wanted to try something a bit different.
This is what I have come up with after a few practice games. I played High Elves and Daemons the other weekend and both were small wins to the DE. They were a change for me, as you really have to concentrate a lot in the movement phase, and also pick your targets very carefully. Not at all like my Orcs, which are a lot more forgiving.

Black Dragon
Seadragon cloak
Whip of Agony
Eternal servitude
dragonbane gem
Black dragon egg

Master BSB
Enchanted shield
Sorceress Lvl 2
Tomb of furion

6 Dark Riders - Muso - RXB
6 Dark Riders - Muso - RXB 
7 Dark Riders - Muso - RXB 
7 Dark Riders - Muso - RXB
5 Harpies 

6 Shades

7 Shades
6 Coldone Knights - FC

2 Bolt throwers

The changes I made from last weekend were dropping the Peg from the sorcerer to get the Harpies in, as I can only have 3 flying units. It also allowed me to get the Pendant on the BSB and Lifetaker on the Sorceress.
I have decided to run Dark magic as the low casting costs and killer 6th spell really turn me on....

So some army stats;

  1. Dragon...Yum
  2. Lots of magic missiles
  3. 78 Xbow shots per turn
  4. 3 Lifetaker shots
  5. 2-12 Bolt thrower shots
  6. 3 Breath weapons 
So what do you guys think?


  1. Does the BSB have both a shield and an Enchanted shield?

    dragon looks nasty, does the gem protect the character and the mount?

    does the lord have heavy armour and armour of eternal servitude?

  2. looks mean as bro, glad i dont have to fight it lol

  3. How's the army gone? Batreps and kudos for taking a Dragon.