Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Hi guys.

Would just like to put a shout out to the Vermintide tournament Neil Williamson is running next month.
It is a one dayer which makes it really accessible, and with armies being only 1200pts it makes for some really interesting fun games.

I had a blast last year, and am definitely going. Have to defend my title :)

Neil runs a really smooth tournament so come along and play some really tactical fun games.

and I promise I won't bring a lvl4 this time......


  1. Ill be there - hopefully we'll get a few more as Simon says only 5 ppl are registered?? What are you taking?

  2. Does the pic not give it away?

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I dare you to take Dwarfs to a tournament, with heaps of shield warriors, a Daemon Slayer or two and Bolt throwers and other warmachines without runes.

      Then we'll see..... If you do, I'll buy you a beer. :D

      To bad we can't do grudge matches, or your ass would so be going down! :D

    2. If I did that you might actually get a tournament point off

  4. Thanks for the promo Sam.
    Up to 10 emailed registration of intent now and I know of others who are still waiting for their Round Tuit.
    Plus some newbies are being co-erced, i mean encouraged.