Monday, 24 September 2012

The art of Submarining...

We all live in a yellow submarine....a yellow submarine....a yellow submarine.

So last weekend I travelled up to Auckland for Guardcon. The field was around 24 strong, a smallish field but full of good players.
I crashed at Rory's place in the Potter room which was good fun.
I will give a quick run down of my games with a few random picks added in.
First up, here is the list I took to the tournament.

Savage warboss-xtra hw-crown-silvered steel-Dgem
Savage Level 4 -Head - fencers blades

Gobbo lvl 1-scroll-ruby ring
Black Orc BSB-enchanted shield-Preservation

35 Savage Bigunz-Xtra chop-FC
40 NG-Bows-Nets

8 Trollz
Boar chariot
Boar chariot

2 Manglers
2 Doomdivers
2 Lobbas
2 Pumpwagons

Again, I may have gotten points or facts wrong, please don't shoot me....

Game 1 - Played Simon Kwok with Ogres. Never played Simon before, but everyone was saying he was  a good player. Games was OK, no major issues. I played like a chump. Instead of sitting back, shooting and footing him, I hand of gork'd my savages into his face of his ironguts. He could only charge me with one unit at a time, but ground me down and I got 20 niled. Not a good start.

B1 and B2

Feckin line dancing Ogres.

Game 2 - Vs Orcs and gobbos (not Hamish, but very similair lists to his) It was B&G. I killed Arok first turn, and by the end of the game, all he had left was 10 Bigunz plus lvl4. I decided to pick on the Squig herd early with the templates, as it had 30 squigs and only 10 herders. Shot all the herders and the unit went boom!!! I lost some chaff. Both manglers lived.
18-2 win

"Proper Mangler Squigs"

Really nice Spider.

It's a Waagh off.....

Mangler boom boom...

My Trolls

Game 3 - Chris Ellis with Vamps. This was the objective scenario. I dont know what Chris was doing this game. He sat is Varghulf on a mangler, both dead. He had a unit of 9 vargheists which he moved to sit on a mangler, I killed like 3 or 4, and he was now only 6 inches infront of my NG and Chariot, which both went in and killed him all, and the NG ran away with the objective (and spoon). Trolls with BSB went through 20 skellies in a turn to claim other objective. I had an awesome turn of GG killing, I hit the unit with 1 Foot of Gork template, 2 doom divers and 2 lobbas,, and killed 31 out of 33 in a single turn..... The bigunz hit the full ghoul and redfury lord unit in the front, killed over 20 on the charge, won by 17, and crumbled the lord to 1 wound left.
 20 -0 win

So on around 38 points after day one. Very bad start in game 1, but the other two where good fun.

Random Pics

Action shot....misfire :(

Hey Forbsie, you have my unit...Oh wait....

Licorice allsorts squigs.

Who is the lucky goblin that gets to put facepaint on the trollz...

I like this unit, stand in for crypt gouls. Nice.


Foresaken.....WHAT DO THEY DO?????

Thriller....Thriller Night....

Game 4 -Paul Dalton with Ogres. No mournfang and no 6 character unit meant a big win to the orcs.He ran double Slaughtermaster which was interesting. He put 7 Maneaters into a building, and in 1 casting of Foot, I killed ALL of them......Yeah. Got the trollz and NG clipping into the 9 LB and slaughtermaster unit, they held on double 1's, so the gutstar could flank the trolls, which fled but NG held on steadfast, meaning i could flank gutsar with over. Big win to me, I think like a 16 or 17pt win.

Game 5 - Ryan Simister with his WOC in king of the hill. I have come to realise that WOC really struggle against orcs. Doomdiverd his knights before wiping them out with savages. Shot the Shaggoth in one turn. Got savages into the Tz warriors with Lvl4 after the trolls went in and fluffed. I ended up claiming the hill, and killing all the WOC except for Shrine and something else.
Big win to me, 18 i think.

Best Painted army.

Game 6 - Tim Joss with his TK. So after getting 0 points in my first game, I am on the top table for the final game against Tim...again. To be honest, this game was a lot more enjoyable. We talked about C2A, he apologised for getting it wrong, I accepted and we moved on and had a good game.
I was in two minds this game, i was going to run at him, but I wasn't sure what would happen in the savages TG fight, especially with all of his buffs and growing guys back. And he deployed behind a river, so had that to contend with that too. In the end we shot each other, he got more chaff than i did, and beat me 13 - 7.

Thinking about it now, I think I should have run straight at the TG with everything, but he deployed them towards the end, so wasnt sure where they would go.

Came 4th so a little dissapointed i didn't podium. The list worked well. I only needed the Stubborn crown once, which was the first game and it only delayed the enivitable.
I am thinking of possibly dropping the warboss for another combat block. Not squigs though. Not a huge fan of them.

So Skitterleap is next, and the Orcs are having a break.


  1. Nice report mate.Your army has some excellent brush work on it to.

    Really like how your OG list works.Might have to do something about mine after conquest

  2. Nice wrap up bro....nice shot of one of my misfires (one of many)! I'm thinking of taking a rest from artillery for a while - I want to go aggressive!