Saturday, 8 September 2012

Call to Arms memories.

Hi Guys

Call to Arms was a while ago, so I again apologise if I stuff up what happened in the games.
It was a really well run tournament, and a lot of fun.

Also the pics will be all over the shop.

This is the list I took:

Savage warboss
crown of command
fencers blades
glittering scales
Dragonbane Gem

Savage lvl 4
MR 1

Black Orc BSB
Enchanted Shield
4+ Ward

NG Lvl 1

40 NG archers

35 SO BigUnz
Xtra chops

8 Trollz
1 Troll
2 Spear chukkas
Boar chariot
Wolf chariot

2 Doom divers
2 Lobbas
2 Mangler Squigs

Game 1
Blood and glory -Aaron Hodson - Ogres
Aaron is new to the tournament scene,l and this was his 2nd 2 day tournament. he still had a rock hard ogre list, so I knew it would be tough.
Slaughtermaster - armour of fortune -scroll - crown - heavens
Fireybelly - Speed potion
Bruiser BSB -warrior bane - enchanted shield - 5++

7 ogres w/ironfists - FC
7 Guts
2 Mournfang
2 Mournfang
3 single Pussy cats
5 Poisen sniper maneaters
2 Cheese blasters

I was really worried about those man eaters (fucking Nelly Furtardo), as with B&G if he sniped my Warboss, it was 600pts to Aaron.
he did snipe my Warboss for 2 wounds, but i was able to lure Aaron into charging my horde of SOBU in the flank with his Maneaters, beating them and chasing them down, then getting the charge on the Gutstar and wiping them out over 3 rounds.

I managed to get the 2 Ironblasters with my artillery along with 1 unit of Mournfang. I got the other with a first turn combined charge with the Wolf Chariot and Trollz.
Aaron pl;ayed really well, and it would have been a lot closer if his Gutstar, Bulls and ! unit of Mournfang didn't all panic and run in the same turn. Ouch

Big win to the O&G.

Game 2

Dawn attack - Simon Switzer - Dwarfs

So Simon was able to kill 35 stormvermin and Queek in one turn with all his shooting, so I was worried for my precious savages.

Runedude with lots of runes
Thane BSB with other runes
Master Engineer 1 rune of rocks

30 Warriors with large Axes
30 Warriors with large Axes
14 Quarellers
30 Hammerers
2 Grudge throwers with all the toys
1 cannon
2 Organ Guns

So...much...shooting. Although I did have 6 warmachines so I can't judge.
The thing with Dwarfs is, Hammerers don't like being shot, or Impact hits. My wolf chariot killed 7 on the turn it charged in, it got chopped up, but it was worth the trade. I then proceeded to Doomdiver them to death.
Simon pushed up with his blocks in a 5 wide formation. Tom be honest, I am not scared of Dwarfs in that formation, they just don't do the damage. So the Savages where able to go through both units quite comfortably.

Simons warmachines really let him down this game, and they didn't kill much. The gobbos where able to kill the quarrellers in combat and overrun and kill the organ gun.
Manglers killed f'all.

Big win to the O&G

Game 3

Meeting Engagement - Kent Jackson - VC

Kent had an unusual VC army, with a hero vamp on a coven throne, plus skellie blocks, wraiths, hexwraiths and some Grave Guard.

Vampn lord lvl 3 with toys
Level 2 on Coven Throne
Necro lvl 2

40 Skeletons
40 Skeletons
20 Skeletons
20 Grave Guard
5 Hexwraiths
5 Cairn Wraiths

This was meeting engagement, and my Warboss and NG started off the table, so my trollz were stupid turn 1.

Kent rolled a 6 to snatch first turn, pushed up his blocks, and ran through a Mangler with the Hexwraiths.
So my first turn I push up, and all the artillery goes into the Coven throne and kills both the throne and the vamp.
I then Hand of Gork my savages all the way behind his line facing the rear of his blocks. I love that spell.
I had nothing to kill the ethereals except for the Warboss, so decided to ignore them.
Kent was under the pump straight away, and turned to face the savages with his blocks.
There wasn't much he could do and the savages proceeded to grind bones for their bread.

Big win for the O&G

So for the 3rd tournament in a row, I am leading going into day 2. Bad feelings are a comin....

Game 4

Watchtower - Tom Dunn - Daemons of Khorne(plus groupies)

Yay!! so me and Tom had a practice game on the Friday night in the Dunngeon, and he had tabled me. So I had to play this game differently.
Tom is a really good player, and his Daemons are hardcore nasty, so this wasn't going to be easy.

Billy the Bloodthirster - rerolls - and stuff
Herald of Tzeentch - master of light magic
Khorne herald bsb - firestick
Khorne Herald - firestick

30 Bloodletters
30 Bloodletters
5 furies
5 furies

1 fiend
1 fiend
3 flamers (old versions)
3 flamers (old versions)
1 Bloodcrusher champ
1 Bloodcrusher Champ

Did I mention this army was fast!! I was aiming for a small win or loss, anything but a tabling.
My plan was to get the SO into the tower and not move them as I new they would be safe in there. Then try to shoot Billy and get a win.

My warmachines failed me this game and did no wounds to the Thirster. Tom cleaned up all my chaff and warmachines, and I was able to get some of his chaff also. The trollz survived by running, and Hand of Gorking, away from the flaming death bloodletters.
I got Foot of Gork off about 8 times in one casting, and stomped all over some letters, but it made no difference to the game.

The game ended an 11-9 win for me. Tom played a very smart game, and probably could have pushed harder, but he knew what was lying in wait.

11-9 to the O&G

Game 5

Battle line - Tim Joss - TK

So a Khalida led archer horde, with 8 ushabti great bows, 2 caskets adnd 2 SSC, with 5 Knights for support.

Lich high priest scroll

50 Skeletons
5 Horse archers
5 Horse archers
5 Horse archers
10 Archers
5 Necro Knights
8 Ushabti great bows
2 ssc
2 caskets

My aim was to rush him with everything, and give him too mant targets to shoot, and use Hand of Gork to my advantage.
I did this, and got an overrun through killing and crumbling of the Ushabti (yes you can overrun after crumble, and I personally think it is hell gamey to say you can't) into Khalidas archers.

I went to roll my attacks, and Tim stated the Archers had WS6 because Khalida was a TK. I questioned him twice about it, but he was sure and I believed him. Unfortunately after some investigation after the event, that they shouldn't have been WS6, as Khalida doesn't have that specific my will be done rule, and it specifically states this in the FAQ.
Now I understand that people make mistakes, but it just rubbed me the wrong way, as Tim was calling out his other opponents to check their FAQ's, and not following his own lead.

Unfortunately I didn't enjoy this game. Maybe it was because it was the last game of a tournament, and it decided the winner, or maybe a bit of a personality clash, I am not sure. But i will get over it, and the next game against Tim will be fun. I hope so.

So I lost 15-5. Don't get me wrong, Tim played a good game and is a good player, and used his army really well during the event.

So I ended up coming 3rd which I was really stoked about. Had some really awesome games, and catching up with all the tournament regulars is always great. They are a great bunch of lads.
The local tournament scene is really great to be part of, and most of the credit has to go to Pete Dunn. Cheers mate, keep up the great work, also thanks for letting me crash the two nights.

Up next for me is Guardcon, and I am really looking forward to it.



  1. Looking forward to seeing 5 OnG armies up in auckland... better just check that all my repairs are done!

    nice report mate. See you at Guardcon

  2. You did play really well the whole weekend Sam I was impressed with your army painting and tactics.

    Looking forward to playing you again someday.


  3. You could totally see the fear in the half of my face when those Savage Orc Big Uns' were coming my way.

    You were right Sam, I should have put them out into a horde formation, at least I would have done more damage.

    Best of luck at Guardcon bud.