Saturday, 29 September 2012


Ok, so I don't normally rant much, but this just blows my mind.

This is the spray paint I use to undercoat my models;

It works really well and am happy with it, especially seeing its like $14 a can.

So I ran out recently, and the closest place I can get some more is 20mins away at Toyworld Paraparaumu.
My Wife went to WOW on Sat, so I asked her to get me some more spray paint. Then I realised that the new White Dwarf was available, so asked her to go to GW and get me the mag and a can of Chaos Black spray. MISTAKE!!!!

So I came back from Petes on Sat and found the mag and paint waiting for me. I asked my wife how much it cost....... $25 she said. I thought that was ok. Then she informs me that was with a $20 GW voucher!!!

So $31 for a can of black spray.....I fucking fell of my chair!!!! 

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  1. good lord. the non gw spray i sometime use (ironlak) is a little too gritty for minis, but cheap as nonetheless