Thursday, 6 September 2012

Some updates and a Beardy Blog.

Sup G-Units!!

I have been busy painting recently so my blogging has been a bit slack.
I have Guardcon next week and am really looking forward to meeting up (and beating up) the Auckland guys. :)

With my decent placing at C2A, I am hopefully safe for Masters qualification. But I will need Pete to do another ranking on his blog to confirm this!!

I am taking Orcs to Guardcon. They are my favourite army, and thought I would give them another run seeing as they behaved themselves at C2A. The list I am taking is:

Savage Orc Warboss
Extra choppa
Armour opf Silvered steel
Dragon bane gem
Crown of Command

Savage level 4
Fencers blades
Shrunken head

Ngobbo level 1
Ruby Ring

Enchanted shield
4+ Ward

36 Savage orc Bigunz
Xtra chops

40 Ng
Std Mus

8 Trollz

Boar Chariot

Boar Chariot

2 Pumpwagons

2 Mangler Squigs

2 Doomdivers

2 Rock lobbers

Should do Ok.

Also the well known Bearded Wonder (Ben Wadsworth for the uninitiated) has started his own blog of wondrous gaming and hobby stuff!! Please check out his blog here:

Laters Peeps.

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