Sunday, 8 July 2012

Selling some stuff

OK so I am having a clear out of some stuff.
I am selling the guard as they just sit on my shelf never getting used. I am going to do a 40k army but it won't be guard, but I'm not sure what I will be doing yet. I am willing to do swaps for this stuff if  anyone has some 40k.
All the models are made from Men at Arms from the Brettonian army and cadian pieces.
The Chaos Warriors I am a little hesitant about selling. Nearly all of it is converted in some way, all is themed Slaanesh except for the Khorne Marauders. The knights are made with knight and daemontette bits.
This army has won me a couple of best army awards at local tournies. If I hadn't had the discman and Chaos warrior unit stolen I would be keeping them.
Email me if you are interested.

Imperial Guard

19 Guardsmen with Lasguns
2 x Grenade Launchers
1 x Flamer
20 Metal Stormtroopers w/ 2 x flamer and 2 x GL
5 x Old metal Rattlings
3 x Multilaser Sentinels
3 x Mortar teams
5 x Converted Storm trooper dudes
Sd bearer, vox caster, commander
2 x Plastic srgnts, 1 with one arm
30 Converted Roughriders with 3 sergeants, 3 vox.

Looking for $400 for the guard, and $450 for the WOC. Willing to do swaps for some 40k though.


  1. Man, sad to hear you're selling the WoC. I've some fond memories of playing that army. Though I can see why losing the infantry and the AMAZING discman would have taken a lot of the fun out of the army.

  2. Yeah losing some main models from a fully themed army really makes it hard to use the army again. You just lose sooo much enthusiasm for it. Like my lizards to, i painted up a really nice steg which got nicked, then i sold them to Ben as i lost all motivation for the army.

  3. Maybe keen on those storm troopers Sam so send me a message and we'll strike a deal mate.