Friday, 3 August 2012

Speed painted DE + WIP's

Ok so not really speed painted, but I was rushing through them to get them ready for C2A. With the characters coming late from Maelstrom I wasn't able to get army ready, will have it done for Guardcon though.

The cold one knights are beautiful models and were really nice to paint.

I converted my DR from glade riders and corsairs.

Some old school Harpies.

The Owl rider is my Peg master. The Sorceress on peg is from Gamezone and after some skepticism about its quality from other people, i was pleasantly surprised. Not much flash and some fine detail, will be interesting to see how it comes out.


I have submitted my list for C2A. Not going to put my list up until after the deadline. But here is a unit filler I knocked up in about an hour.....


  1. The Dark elves look nice shame you couldn't get them finished in time.

    Going with the greenskin gunline? Are the warmachines immune to animosity? If not them shooting at each other could be really funny for your opponents.

  2. hope you had lots of ItP units..

    I have been using big block of SOrcBigUNs, Squig herd (35) and 8 trolls...

    good luck, I am in auckland playing monster con the same weekend I think...

  3. Thanks guys. I don't have any squigs Hamish so couldn't take any. Yeah John the warmachines are immune. I see you have joined the darkside with the Ogres Hamish..... what will your orcs say? :)

  4. Very nice Models Sam, I wish my painting was as good as your speed painted ;D.

  5. Great painting as always Sam always admired your work