Sunday, 19 August 2012

Call to Arms

So call to arms was on the weekend. Another well run and enjoyable Wellington tournament. I really enjoy catching up with all the Fantasy guys, everyone knows one another and there was some good banter going around.
The food on the second day was a nice touch, and having coffee on site is always a great thing!!
The standard of painting and look of the armies attending local events is getting better and better which is great to see. Its amazing how much I enjoy games when the opponents army is painted and based. It adds a lot to the game for me.
I won't post up the full results as you can see them on Pete's blog. I came 3rd which I was really happy about, my first podium finish in a two dayer. It also kinda put to bed my day 2 jitters, which I am kinda getting a rep for. :)
I will post up brief reports in my next post, along with photos. Now this is the first tournament i had taken my camera to, so they don't fully document my games, but they give some ideas.
Here are some photos of some of the armies at the event. Both 40k and Fantasy, with a sneaky Warmachine pic in there (how did that happen)!?
The Eldar with the free hand work is Glen Burfields, and is probably one of the best looking 40k armies I have seen.

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  1. Good pics Sam, you got one of me looking my Saturday best, and of my units fleeing!